New Moon of September, 2015

When I first wrote about September being the ‘Container Month For Change’, I had no idea just how accurate that description would be. What I didn’t reference or comment on was the partial solar eclipse happening today on the New Moon, or the lunar eclipse occurring later in the month.

As I have mentioned in other posts, an eclipse can usher in profound changes in your life, depending on which astrological house the eclipse hits in your birth chart, starting weeks before the actual eclipse occurs. And I am here to tell you, the past couple of weeks have validated that statement not once, but many, many times.

Unlike a Mercury retrograde where things and communications seem to breakdown, get misinterpreted or simply go awry, a solar eclipse will generally have a direct effect on your external world. The areas of your life most affected by this type of eclipse are all those things that surround your life, where things or events happen without your input, involvement or help. You may feel somewhat powerless or sidelined as you watch these events unfold before you. You may find yourself wondering how things could have gotten so strange, strained, or peculiar.

I have spent the better part of the past 2 weeks pondering the many odd events and announcements that have come my way lately. Each and every one of them carried the potential to tilt or sway my own energetic flow. Yet, each and every one of them reside outside my very Being. To allow them to affect my internal world would be to allow them to usurp my own personal power, preventing me from riding the waves of September’s changes.

The effects of today’s partial solar eclipse can last for the next 6 months; unfortunately, only those in and around southern Africa will have the opportunity to actually view it. On top of that, we have a lunar eclipse heading our way on this month’s Full Moon. So, this is a good time to practice letting go of those things and their effects that you have no control over. It doesn’t matter if you cannot figure out what or why things are happening the way they are; just move on past it. Practice setting your boundaries and maintaining your space, being non-judgmental, avoiding gossip, and recognizing that which is outside of you. No matter how much you may want to help others, recognize your limitations, and let go of any anticipated outcomes you may be holding onto. Find the humor in your life; its there, you just have to accept it and let it bubble up to the top. And remember … change is happening to everyone, not just you.

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