September, the Container Month for Change

Looking at your life today, did it turn out the way you thought it would 20 years ago? Are you reaping the rewards you dreamed of having by now? Life seems so unpredictable at times, yet is really quite simple.

Throughout the past few years we have been talking and writing about change and how it is ever present; how to accept, embrace and benefit from it. Well, September is the container month for change. It opens the door to the end of summer and ushers in the many changes of autumn. For many, it signals the shift to a more routine, ordinary, or conventional way of life; slowly withdrawing from the great outdoors and turning instead to the more inward, quiet space of home and hearth. By the end of the month you begin to feel the beckoning call of an inner space where rest and peace sit in silence awaiting your return. It is there in that space that you once again begin that inward journey of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-realization.

In many places, this is the month for harvesting crops. All of the time, effort and love you put into planting and growing your garden is realized around this time of the year. Sometimes, like this year, the weather isn’t hot enough to grow and ripen crops earlier than September. In fact, this is often the month of the Harvest Full Moon; because this is the month we are able to ‘reap what we sow’.

Have you spread the seeds of change for yourself? And, if you have, did you weed, water and nurture those seeds? Or, did you get tired or bored of the work, leaving the seeds to dry up and blow away? Sometimes in our desire and anticipation of change, we sow more seeds than we can manage. Or, we might over weed, water and nurture the seeds, slowing down the growth, and weakening their ability to flourish. Too much attention is just as detrimental, and can often be equated to ‘control’. You cannot control the outcome of change, no matter how much time, effort and love you initially put into it.

Take a moment to look at the changes that have taken place in your life this past year. Whether you deem them to be mostly positive or mostly negative, you were the instigator of those changes. You sowed the seeds, but the outcome was not within your control. If you allow Nature to take its course and ask for Divine support in the process, you will reap benefits you never anticipated, even though the outcome may appear to be quite different from what you imagined. If, however, you try to control the growth and outcome, ignoring and working against Nature in its purest sense, you will most likely be disappointed, even if the outcome appears to reflect exactly what you had imagined. You may find the work arduous and difficult to complete, and a constant reminder of what you want to change; not enough reward in the process; not the bounty anticipated; or, not enough joy for all of the work.

September is the container month for change. It comes with its own bundle of changes and chaos effecting everyone and most everything. So, as you meander your way through September’s bundle, keep yourself open and readied for the ripening of the seeds of change you sowed so many months ago.

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