The Full Sturgeon Moon of August, 2015

The name, Full Sturgeon Moon, comes from the Great Lakes area Native Americans, because this is the best time to catch a hardy supply of sturgeon. To many of the tribes, this is a good time. It is a time when the berries and fruit are ripe, the crops are flourishing, the fish are running, the bellies are full, and the coffers are beginning to be stocked for the long cold months ahead. It is a good time to rejoice in the joys of life.

This is a time of bounty. This is a time to recognize all that there is and ever has been in your life and your world. As we move from these longer, warm days, take the time to wrap yourself and your spirit in the warmth of your own bounty … all that you have, all that you love, and all that you have experienced.

Once the fullness of the Sturgeon Moon begins to wane, begin looking forward to all that lies ahead of you … new experiences, loves, and adventures.

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