August’s Theme, 2015

How quickly the time seems to go these days. It may be due to the busyness of the season, or because it hasn’t been a very hot summer (until recently). But August is here, and so is its theme of momentum.

We have reached that period where the momentum created by our actions will continue to move us in the direction we have established. Hopefully you are finding that direction to be forward.

Over the past months, and perhaps years, you have set your sights on where you want to go, what you want to let go of, and what you want to attract to yourself. With every choice you make, you are either

  • moving yourself forward towards your goals or desired outcome,
  • moving away from these goals by reverting backward, or
  • spinning in your little circle, frozen in fear of making a ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ decision, therefore making no decision, no progress, and no changes.

Whatever choices you have been making (or not making) has created your field of momentum; that field that attracts or repels other like energies. If you have found yourself taking ‘risks’, making changes, and acting and feeling positive about yourself, your world, and your future; if you have worked to eliminate those people, places and things that drain you of your happiness, energy or contented harmony; and, if you have relaxed your grip and are allowing the Universe or Source to guide you towards a more positive, healthy attitude towards life, then the momentum of August will continue to move you forward. You may find yourself being guided to continue releasing unwanted, unnecessary burdens in your life and making the changes needed to keep you in balance and in harmony with your own inner peace, contentment and compassion.

If it seems that for every step forward you make, you take 2-steps backward, then perhaps your commitment to your goals are lacking in spirit, intention, and in heart. Are your goals a possibility and are they attainable? Do they reflect what your heart truly desires, or are they a reflection of what someone else or others have portrayed as highly desirable goals? To attain your goals, do they require the active participation and support of others? Are you waiting for others to ‘help’ you? What is the intention you have set behind your goals? What will happen if you reached your goals? Will you be happy, content, and feel a sense of peace and balance in your life? Can you imagine yourself in a positive state of mind and being versus where you are now?

If you find yourself unable to move in any direction because you don’t want to make a ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ decision, then the decision you are making is to stay right where you are with no growth, no movement, and no changes. No matter how unhappy, uncomfortable, or miserable you might be, the fear of change is greater than your ability to push your way through the unknown. The momentum of fear can be very debilitating and suffocating. I was once told that fear is the presence of darkness; nothing more, just the darkness of the unknown. It is like walking into a dark, unfamiliar room. You don’t know what is in that room, all you know is that it is dark. Once you step into the room and your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness, you find there is nothing in there to be afraid of, and the more your eyes adjust, the more you realize that your fear was based on nothing. Once you take the step to face it, it dissolves into a nothingness; nothing you can touch, see, hear, taste, or smell. Nothing. Yet, it can be the most debilitating force. A force whose only momentum is to keep you rooted right where you are, and locked up so tight it makes it hard to breathe. This kind of fear prevents you from ever witnessing the full experience of life itself with all its joys, sorrow, and adventures. It prevents you from being seen and heard, and from seeing and hearing. It sucks the very life out of you, leaving you stranded in a place you cannot escape … unless, of course, you decide to take responsibility for yourself, face your fear, let your voice be heard, and step forward.

August is the month of momentum. Will the momentum push you forward? Backward? or hold you firmly in place? Is this the momentum you want pushing you through the rest of the year? the rest of your life?

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