July’s Blue Moon

I used to think when I heard the term ‘blue moon’ that for some reason the color of the moon would be different. The only way that would happen is if there was a lot of debris from volcanic eruptions, large fires, or other disruptions to fill the sky. Over time the definition of what a ‘blue moon’ actually is has changed; from being the 4th moon in a season, to being the second full moon in a single month. We know that the moon runs on a cycle of about 27.3 days to travel its complete orbit around the earth and its full moon phase cycle to be 29.53 days. So, there will never be a blue moon during the month of February, given the latter definition of it.

Blue Moons can be a time of great change, great emotion, and great insight. This particular Blue Moon ushers in a time where you may experience a sense of instability, neediness, or in the opposite corner, autonomy. You may find yourself in situations where you are unable to control the release of unexpected emotions, thoughts, words or actions. Or, you may find yourself stepping away from that which you have long associated with, connected with, or otherwise identified yourself with. You may find yourself stepping away or distancing yourself from people, especially those who appear to depend on you far too often or seem to take advantage of you, your time, or generosity.

You may find yourself experiencing moments of insight into areas of your life that have otherwise seemed confused, uncertain, or complex. Embrace this time of the Blue Moon and allow yourself to turn your thoughts away from ideas focused on ‘we’, and begin the journey to understanding, accepting and honoring the idea of ‘me’. As the next 3-days of the Blue Moon begin to fade and disappear, it will leave behind for you a greater sense of who you are, where you are, and the effect of the many changes you have undertaken and weathered through these past several years.


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