July’s New Moon

Tomorrow (July 15, 2015), at 9:24 p.m. Eastern time, this month’s New Moon will be ushered in. Whenever I think of the New Moon, I always think ‘reboot!’, or ‘redo’, or ‘do over!’ The absence of light being reflected from the Sun towards our home base, Mother Earth, provides the perfect backdrop for planting seeds and growing something new. Within the darkness of the New Moon, things can be conjured up and presented to an unsuspecting person, right when they think life could easily maintain a status quo. It also is the perfect time for existing scenarios to wind down, come to a conclusion or simply stop and change direction.

In the last 3 days I have witnessed abrupt, and mostly unexpected, events happening to the most unsuspecting people. They were going along minding their own business when BAM! out of no where they find themselves in the middle of something completely outside their usual domain of consciousness. My husband, for one, was brought to his knees in pain while playing a simple game of croquet, while another fellow was hit with severe vertigo, leaving him unable to sit or stand up for what seemed a long time. Neither one expected such an event to take place at that moment in time in their life, yet both were sidelined for a day or more hoping it was a fluke, nothing too serious, and would subside within a few short hours of it hitting.

Of course, not all changes or unexpected experiences are bad, or even painful. But sometimes, as you skip along the path of life feeling fit and in control, the unexpected happens and a new plan, even if it is only a temporary, make-shift plan, comes in play.

Take some time these next few days to look at your state of affairs. Look at how and when new scenarios, events, projects and people come into your life. Is it disruptive? Or a welcome change? What is new in your life? Are you embracing it, or are you waiting for it to ‘go away’? If you try to ignore it, will it go away? If not, when do you think you will surrender and begin the process of embracing it? And, if embracing it means you have to modify the way you think, behave, or react … are you afraid of how this might effect you? How you might change or be ‘forced’ to change? How will it effect your world?

As suggested, take some time these next few days, and take them just for you. Witness the wonder of you and your life! Witness the wonder of change.

2 thoughts on “July’s New Moon

  1. Morning Gayle New moon! Today is the 7th day in NYC Sloan Memorial cancer Center. My 3rd major spine surgery in 4 years. I had surgery and specialized radiation to tumor areas 6 days ago after an MRI showed tumors pushing into my spinal cord keeping me from walking, moving arms and overall loss of feeling over my entire body. During surgery they found another tumor not expected and chose not to remove it until a further plan as it is in my C5 vertebrae on the spinal cord dura layer. This could just magnify loss of left arm hand functions and breathing, larynx, voice, swallowing functions. Think Chris Reeves.

    New moon day… Hope to be released from hospital to my mom, go back to hotel for 2 days then fly back home on Friday afternoon. I will be back to NYC on 7/27 for radiation therapy follow up. This special radiation technique has been developed here and does exist yet anywhere else in USA. They like to use the steroids here so I have been experiencing volumes of physical, emotional and emotional bubbles popping all over the place. Taper has begun.

    New Moon, reboot. That would be appropriate for me and something new to come from these new steps to NYC on the journey.

    I’ll be home most of summer, stop by and say hi when you can. Love Debbie

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    1. My Dear Debbie, You never cease to amaze me. You are a beacon of courage and strength, and a symbol of what it means to own your path and your very Being. Much, much love to you, Debbie. And, I will come by this summer to see you!


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