July and It’s Full Moon

Maybe it is because I am getting older, or maybe it is just the way things are these days, but the months seem to be passing at a rapid rate!

For the Native Americans of years gone by, it was a month of bounty. July’s Full Moon had names referencing this bounty; Full Berry Moon, Full Moon of Ripeness (e.g., squash, corn, beans), Full Salmon Moon, and, of the weather, Full Summer Moon. It was a time of celebration and feasts. Bellies were full, foods were being preserved for the eventual long, hard winter months, and thanks was being given to Mother Earth and the Creator for the life giving abundance they were able to share.

The long days and short nights of summer help to nourish our soul, lift our spirit, and brighten up our mood! What seemed heavy and burdensome during the winter months, may appear less troublesome and easier to manage in the warmer, summer days. And, while June may have left you feeling a little off kilter or slightly out of balance, July is a great month for reassessing your priorities … of finding your inner happiness and success. It is a time of recognizing that change often brings with it emotional, spiritual, mental, and sometimes, physical suffering; and, that suffering equates to your attachment to outcomes.

How many times do you find yourself attached to, or in anticipation of a particular outcome; whether that outcome has to do with your job, relationship(s), your personal or public image, trips or travel plans, or any change, event or action you have initiated in your life? While you may be feeling as though life is not going in the direction you would like it to go, or that it has brought you discomfort, worry or anxiety, take a moment to reassess your current position. Is there an attachment to an outcome that is holding you in a position of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or disillusionment?

Do you have an image of what your life should look like at this point? Was that image one you created for yourself, or was it handed to you by someone else? Do you have an image of what happiness or success looks like? Is that your image or did someone else define it for you? Are you allowing these images to define you?

What are your priorities? Can you list them? When thinking about what makes you happy, does the answers come from your heart or your mind? Are they different or the same? When thinking about being successful, what images pop into your mind? Which of those images create a peaceful calm in your heart? Does your happiness depend on your success? Or, does your success depend on your happiness? Or, do they depend on each other?

Sometimes we lose sight of our priorities. Sometimes we confuse our priorities with those of others. And, sometimes we completely forget what we know to be our own true set of priorities. Take this month of July and reassess your fundamental priorities … your inner happiness and success. 

Make this the month you commit to finding and defining your own personal truth and priorities, so you can answer the question … who are you really?



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