June’s New Moon

Wednesday, June 16, 2015, welcomes in the New Moon. On June 11th we found ourselves at the end of Mercury’s retrograde, and weaving our way back to a more balanced avenue of communication. The remainder of June should prove to be less chaotic and more productive than the first half. But don’t forget that even though Mercury has gone direct, some disruptive effects can linger for roughly another week.

Make the most of this time. If you tried to ‘blast’ your way through desired changes, take some time to nurture yourself. If you have felt out of balance since the last Full Moon, take these next 3-days of the New Moon to establish a refreshing and stabilizing synchronicity into your life. Listen to what your body is telling you, and follow the lead of your heart. Allow yourself to relax into your life, and praise yourself for ‘listening’. Look around you and notice the ‘guide posts’ you have developed or brought into your life, and give thanks for their presence and direction. Stand erect and recognize the pillars of strength you are building or have built; for they will hold you up when you are tired, feeling weary or wishing someone else would handle your affairs and carry your burdens.

Take this time to let go of the pressure and stresses you carry. Stop thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Take a deep breath; let it slowly roll forward, moving deeply within you. Feel the exhale relieve you of the hidden tensions in your neck, throat, shoulders, chest and back. Give yourself permission to simply settle into these next 3-days without thought of futures, pasts, desires, burdens, judgments, jealousies, conflicts, relationships, anxieties, fears, or retributions. Give yourself these next 3-days off. When you think, think of only the moment; and, only of you. There is no room in these next 3-days to think or worry about anyone else; just you and just in that moment. You won’t miss a thing by giving yourself the refreshing gifts of rest, restoration, and invigoration. Can you do it?


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