June and It’s Full Moon

The earliest occupants of Turtle Island recognized this full moon as a time of growth; New Leaves Moon (Cree, Comanche), Strawberry Moon (Sioux, Chippewa, Ojibwa), Raspberry Moon (Shawnee, Lakota), Blackberry (Creek, Haida), and Summer or Hot Moon (Kiowa, Passamaquoddy). Here in the northern hemisphere, we are witnessing the changes in the weather; from the floods in Texas and throughout the United States, to the heat waves blanketing India. The names given to each of the full moons by the Native Americans of times gone by, seem to always hint at the state of their weather and food supplies. In the case of this month, the weather is growing warm, if not hot, and the leaves and berries are flourishing.

The month of June and its Full Moon comes to us under the influence of the various retrogrades, earthquakes, storms, flooding and volcanic eruptions. In the simplest of terms, this particular June is a month of chaos, and its full moon is one of growth and expansion. Monday, June 1st, we enter the three days of the full moon and a new month. While the reign of the various retrogrades and the natural events already mentioned help leverage chaotic energy, the full moon’s influence of growth and expansion assists in making June a month of deep, personal development.

To realize your own deep, personal prosperity and success, you will need to look beyond the immediate emotional chaos and imbalance presented via the already occurring natural events. Mercury’s retrograde will begin to subside around June 11th, giving way to a more balanced avenue of communication. Given the influence of this Full Moon, this is a good time to put into place any new ideas, actions or activities you began during the New Moon.

The first half of June is a good time to go further in your pursuit of growth and understanding of who you are, what you believe in, and how you fit in the world at large. This is a good time for you to delve into your deep, altruistic beliefs and faith about life, living and happiness. Like berries on a vine, this is a good time to allow yourself the time and space to ripen your own personal beliefs; to embrace and nurture your truths; and, to walk in a way that reflects your true authentic self. This is the time to make your growth a priority; to expand upon your own understanding of who you are and what you believe to be true; and, to withdraw all energies that feed into the collective negative chaos.

The collective energies of this month can help guide you further in your quest for growth and expansion. All it takes is a little extra boost. Sometimes we need help from others, who will listen, open up doors to new ideas or concepts that we otherwise would never come to know. Sometimes we simply need a little more time and space of our own, where we can read, study, think or contemplate ideas we can’t always express. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is you need that will help you along your path of growth and expansion, reach out and start somewhere. Make a small commitment to yourself and to your growth, happiness and well-being; that’s really all it takes.

The natural events taking place all over the world today, seem to be sending forth a message to all of us inhabitants of Mother Earth. Do you know what that message might be for you?

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