May’s New Moon, 2015

My apologies for being so late in writing this. Would you accept the excuse that we entered Mercury retrograde at the same time of the New Moon which stalled my efforts?

It is true, we entered Mercury retrograde on Monday, which will continue until June 11th. This is a time of being open to new ideas, suggestions and approaches to actions and activities in your life. It is also a good time for reflection; seeing things from new and different perspectives help lead us to new and unforeseen discoveries about ourselves, our lives and our truth.

New Moons are always a good time to start something new; e.g., plant seeds in gardens and in the garden of your mind, set intentions for things you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish them, or starting new projects. Mercury, on the other hand, rules all forms of communications, contracts or legal documents, travel, transportation and electronics. When Mercury goes retrograde, these are the areas most effected. So this is NOT a good time to start things concerning these areas.

To add to the confusion, we are currently experiencing a Pluto and Saturn retrograde. Pluto governs our personal power and turned retrograde on April 16th. This is a time to seek control, understanding, and discipline in our personal life. You may find yourself wanting to clear out all of the old, outworn attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you or cause you to act or react in ways that diminish your self-worth and personal power. Pluto will remain in retrograde until September 24th, which will remain an underlying theme beyond Mercury and Saturn retrogrades.

Saturn entered retrograde on March 14th and governs our physical and psychological foundation. Have you found yourself feeling frustrated by things you have little or no control over? This is the time to weed out those people, places and things that frustrate or irate you because this retrograde will continue until the first of August.

A wise old farmer (my father) once told me that the days following a New Moon are always the days you want to plant, because as the moon grows so too do the seeds and plants; even if those seeds are simply the seeds of change. Take the time to stop and look at all your life; what lifts your mind and spirit; what brings frustration and ire into your days; what no longer fits or supports your beliefs; and, what pushes you to uncovering new, different and interesting concepts. Find ways to add more fun, happiness, and growth to your life. It’s time!

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