The Very Merry Month of May

Yesterday witnessed the start of a new month and tomorrow brings forward what the Chippewa and Ojibwa elders of yesteryear called the Full Blossom Moon. Most of the Native American names given to this month’s full moon speak of growth; leaves and plants budding or turning green (Mohawk, Shoshoni, Navajo, Apache, Lakota, Cree, Comanche, Cherokee), berries (Shawnee, Potawatomi, Creek), or horse and ponies getting fat or shedding their hair (Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho). Regardless of whether you follow the ancient names of the past … growth continues to be the theme for this year’s month of May and its full moon.

In recent weeks, Mother Earth has demonstrated Her fierce power. In March Mother Earth spewed lava in Costa Rica. On April 22, the Calbuco Volcano in Chile began erupting and has continued, erupting 3 times in the past 8 days. On April 25th and on the other side of the world, the people of Nepal as well as the climbers of Mt. Everest experienced a brutal 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The people of that region have suffered an estimated 42 earthquakes in the last 7 days, 2 of them occurring within the last 24 hours, leaving over 6,000 dead. These events have not only devastated vast areas of this very small planet we call Mother Earth, it has altered, shifted or otherwise changed the entire energetic vibration in which we live. It is inconceivable that the energetic vibration we have been accustom to will ever return or reestablish itself. The likelihood of that happening is zero. That vibration is gone and a new vibration will eventually be established. If you were to plot the locations of Costa Rica, Chile and Nepal on a globe, you would notice they are almost polar opposites. If Costa Rica and Chile are heaving lava and Nepal is convulsing, what is happening in between the two areas; in the center of what we know as our world; our planet?

There is no escaping what is happening here on our planet and in our Universe. The energetic vibrational shifts and changes have happened and will continue to happen for some time; up to 5 months, according to geological data. No one can escape the effects of these changes. Many of my clients have talked about feeling a ‘little off-balance’, emotional, subdued, unable to focus mentally and physically, a sense of nausea that comes and goes, and an inability to immediately comprehend what is being said to them. I have even talked about feeling as though I was sitting inside an empty shell, looking out at what seems to be somewhat unfamiliar or disconnected, emotionally void at some points, and emotionally overloaded at others. To think we are not effected by these events is tantamount to not thinking at all. Your little world of predictable familiarity has changed. Now is the time to embrace, if not take advantage, of theses changes.

The month of May will be fraught with emotional, physical and spiritual highs and lows, due in part to the continuous energetic disruptions of Mother Earth. If Mother Earth is convulsing, purging, erupting and collapsing within herself, you will naturally be impacted as well.

This is an excellent time for you to become more focused on those few things in your life that are important and meaningful, and letting go of the superfluous, burdensome baggage. Hanging on to ‘what was’ is like hanging on to the bumper of a car as it drives away; you can get pretty beat up and bloody doing that. It surely won’t stop the car, or the inevitable changes. And, changes can lead to growth; who doesn’t want to grow a little?

Growth happens when you move, bend, acknowledge and accept changes. Growth happens when you turn around and face the future, instead of always looking to the past or backward. Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone and accept what the future holds for you. Growth happens when you hear the opinions of others, knowing it might be different from your own. Growth happens when you can look beyond the obvious for your own truth, understanding and beliefs. Growth happens when you can hold the thought of fear in your mind, and overcome it with your strength of courage and determination. Growth happens when you can hear the fear in others and not take it for your own. Growth happens when you decide to spread your wings and fly. Growth happens when you take the time to help others in need, whether you know them or not. Growth happens when you recognize your first mother, Mother Earth, and choose to take care of her as you would any parent.

May is a month full of changes and challenges. The vibrational energy of our planet and Universe today is unsteady, unsettled and rather shaky. (There was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake felt right here in our little town of Hartland today!) If we are a reflection of all that is around us, then each of us will experience unsteady, unsettled and rather shaky energy during this month as well. The challenge this month is to allow yourself to grow and not be fearful of what the future might hold. Grow by remembering the effects of all that is going on around you, the world and the Universe. Grow by working to stay focused on what is truly important and letting go of the drama and baggage. Grow by putting a smile on your face, even when you don’t want to, and being thankful for all the blessings in your life while so many others are suffering.

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