New Moon of April, 2015

Yesterday was a fabulous day! The weather was spectacular, I spent the day with my daughter, and was blessed to spend the evening in ceremony with my spiritual sisters as we moved into this month’s phase of the New Moon.

April has been a month of changes. As we climb out of the dark cold solitude of winter and begin our journey into the sunshine and warmth of spring, we naturally find ourselves making adjustments to our daily routine. We have more daylight, so our nighttime routine may get pushed back a bit. The warm winds and breezes entice us to open up the windows, blowing out the remnants of winter and bringing in the freshness of spring. We may find ourselves spending more time out of doors, feeling the expanse, freedom and warming energies of Mother Earth and all of nature.

These are good times, good feelings, and good reasons to stand tall and look at all you want to bring into your life, and your way of living, through this growing season of spring and the New Moon. How do you want to feel at the end of each day? Happy? Healthy? Content? Invigorated? Complete? Excited? Connected? Peaceful? Engaged?

Take this time of the New Moon and the season of growth and nurturing, and recognize all the blessings that exist in your life. As you begin to take note of these things, see what else you can do to build upon these blessings and bring yourself closer to your desired emotional and spiritual state of being.

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