The Flow of April

The month of April is well on its way and I am finally able to sit down and write my post! I apologize for being so late. I have been out-of-town and unable to get onto a computer. So, let’s get started!

Here in the northern hemisphere, April is a month of growth and blooming throughout the natural world. The grasses grow greener, the flowers begin showcasing their bright and beautiful colors, and the trees displaying life by popping an endless supply of buds out of the ends of their branches.

It is also a time of witnessing your own growth and blooming. As you stand and look around you, reflect on all of the changes that have taken place in and around your own personal world. Think about where you were in your life just three short years ago, or even as recent as last year.

The world is a place of constant change and movement. It is a place where growth naturally takes place; unless you choose to delay it, slow it down or stop it all together. You have the power and ability to do just that, especially when change is something you resist, fight against, or more simply, fear.

You may say to yourself that you ‘roll with the punches’ or ‘go with the flow‘. But do you really? Or do you only go with the flow when the flow appears to be leading you in the direction you believe you had set for yourself? Do you go with the flow when you cannot foresee what lies ahead; or, do you dig in your heels, try to slow the flow down, and work to hang on to just what you are familiar, if not comfortable with?

I sometimes hear people say that no matter what they do they cannot break the continuous downward cycle they seem to be living in. Such a statement will sometimes bring a little smile to my face, because the person making that kind of statement obviously doesn’t get the concept of letting go or going with the flow. No, instead they believe they know what is best for them, their life, their life lessons, and how their life should play out. Instead of seeing the opportunities being presented to them for movement, growth and their ultimate fulfillment, they see obstacles, barriers and diversions that need to be overcome. They don’t see it as forward movement or growth, instead they see it as an obstruction, setback, or a place of starting over.

You will be presented with lots of opportunities this month to go with the flow or to get stuck in repeating the same old patterns of your life. The recent full moon and eclipse has infused the first half of April with the momentum for continued movement forward. However, the energetic effects of the eclipse can leave you feeling sidetracked or slightly disoriented; adrift in a sea of foggy possibilities. For those who see the foggy possibilities as setbacks or barriers, will continue to live out the same old patterns of their life, not recognizing their own fear of change or of letting go. They will continue wondering why nothing in their life ever changes for the better, or why they can’t seem to ‘fix’ that part of their life they see as broken or not working. What they don’t see is how such fear holds them locked in a world of deep-rooted patterns, lifeless and brooding over the happiness that seems to elude them.

For those who walk with the winds of change, who go with the flow and embrace the world of unknown possibilities, this is a time of saturation. With the energies of the recent eclipse still present, let go of any preconceived strategies and allow yourself to freely go with the flow. Allow yourself to engage in the present and whatever opportunities may be moving in your direction. Be open and alert to any major or minor shifts taking place in your emotional, mental and spiritual Being. Foster that which you see changing within your world, your Being. Nurture your ability to let go of your fears and to embrace the new and unknown.

Remember, if you continue repeating the same old patterns of your life, the best of your life has already come and gone. However, if you let go of your fears and treat life as the adventure it truly is, everyday will hold in it an opportunity to experience excitement, fun, love, laughter and happiness. So, let go and go with the flow.

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