Pondering … Truth

Have you ever wondered about the word ‘truth’? The quotes, “the truth will set you free…” and “you can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you” seem to hint at the idea that there is only one hard and fast truth. But is that true? Aren’t we all at least slightly different in our physiology, psychology, sociology, somatology, etc.?  Don’t we all have free will and choice? Is it possible that we all have the potential of viewing life moment by moment from slightly different angles?

If we were all the same, then wouldn’t we all eat the same foods, drink the same beverages, live in the same types of homes, have the same kinds of careers, believe in the same stories, have the same illnesses, operate under the same assumptions, have the same behaviors, raise and educate children the same, believe in the same politics and religions?

If all of those things are not and cannot be constant, then does it mean that truth is not in a solid state form? Does it follow form with ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ except instead of beauty you insert the word truth? Does truth have many angles or is it rigid, unbending or firm in its presence? Does one person have to accept another person’s truth as their own, or is this where free will and choice comes into play? Is it okay for different people to have their own view of their personal truth, or do they have to align it in some predetermined way? Does truth have to be predetermined, or can it evolve like life itself?

Perhaps there is no single truth, only perceptions of it. And, as we all know, perceptions are nothing more than ideas, concepts, and viewpoints. So, what’s your truth?

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