Full Moon of March, 2015

The original people of Turtle Island (North America) had many names for the Full Moon, depending upon where they were located, and used the Full Moon as a way of marking time, the seasons and their journey. Many of the northern tribes had names reflecting the end of the cold, hard season; the Snow Crust Moon (Chippewa and Ojibwa), Buffalo (or Cows) Dropping Their Calves (Northern Arapaho and Sioux). A common name found among the western and more southern regions was the Sore Eyes Moon, while many others spoke of this as a time of finding various foods again; Wild Goose Moon, Spring Moon, Small Plant Moon, Little Frog Moon, Sap Moon, and Strawberry or Windy Moon. These names spoke of a time of renewal; the renewal of the land as well as the people’s life and spirit.

Today is the start of the 3-days of March’s Full Moon. Use these 3-days to move yourself forward to those places you long to be. Draw the energy, so freely given from Grandmother Moon and all of Nature, to help lift you from your place of stagnation, doubt or fear. Take a little time to reflect on all that is good and powerful in your life, being thankful for all your blessings. Then grant yourself permission to feel the strength and power of the energy from this time; the awakening and renewal of life as it unfolds from its winter slumber. Gathering this energy, allow yourself to step forward, requesting assistance from all those who guide you along your path. As the 3-days of the Full Moon passes, prepare yourself to accept and receive all that will be guided towards you, as you continue to move towards the Ides of March.

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