March Madness – And You

Robin Williams is quoted as saying, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” Right about now … isn’t that what we are all holding our breath and hoping for? But the old English proverb, ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’, speaks more appropriately of what this month is all about … weather-wise and otherwise.

March is your time to roar; your time to step forward and make your ‘dreams’ your reality. It is the time to put into action the plans and goals you have been nurturing in your heart, mind and spirit. So, how do you do that?

First, you want to start by fully committing yourself to your journey, your growth, and your Self. Allow your Self to feel the initial emotional, physical and spiritual upsurge of energy that comes from such a commitment. You may also notice a sense of fear sneaking in, trying to divert your attention away from the soaring energy lifting you up from your usual mundane state. Fear can always be found lurking in the shadows of even your highest of highs and lowest of lows. It is in those safety areas … the mundane state of life, that often hold you captive. The mundane allows you to walk through life without ever having to ‘live it’ or feel it. While it is considered safe, it does not protect you from sadness, boredom, rejection, love loss, pain, etc. It does not provide you a place where emotional and spiritual growth, ecstasy, wisdom, knowledge and deeply profound peace and happiness can reside. No … the mundane has no room for change; only those things that are repetitive, unchanging, and does not threaten the status quo.

Next, you want to engage that upsurge of positive energy and direct it towards any negative thoughts or energy, like fear, worry, doubt, faltering self esteem, and ego. Allow your Self to push back, negate or dissolve any negative influences; bidding them farewell and filling their once occupied space with uplifting, inspiring and positive energy; energy that is empowering to you … no one else, just you.

Third, reach a point of understanding what it is you truly want to achieve. Don’t ask for a specific, like a new job at a specific company, paying a certain wage, with a desired title and office. Instead, ask for the desired emotional and spiritual result; a rewarding job where you feel acknowledged, respected and adequately compensated for your efforts, and that affords you the opportunity to reflect your true and authentic Self. Be clear about what you believe will lift you spiritually and emotionally, and sustain you in the long term.

Once you have a clear understanding of your emotional and spiritual goals, ask for assistance. Ask your higher Self to help you clear the way for this new state of being. Ask your spiritual Guides, the Universe, Creator, Source, Divine, God, Buddha, etc. Do all of this before the Ides of March … March 15th.

As you roll into the last half of March, let go of your plans, desires and goals, releasing them to those who will help guide you through your journey of growth, self realization and actualization. Allow yourself to rest in anticipation of what will come; what will be presented; what lays before you on your path. Know that what will be presented, what will come will be for your highest good and your higher Self. It will lead you to the places and experiences you have yet to know. It will uncover for you a world you have not known or thought possible. But you must pay attention.

Pay attention to all that surrounds you; especially those unexpected shifts and changes that come when you are least expecting them! Pay attention to distractions; recognizing them for what they are, then letting them go and giving them no more thought. Pay attention to those people, places or things that seem to be fading from your life, and to those that are making their way into it.

Remember, when you ask for help or assistance, you will always receive it. It may not be in the form or manner in which you were expecting it, but you will receive it. Once you have asked for it, you should never ignore it or cast it aside; for it is being offered as the perfect solution for your goals. It may not be an ‘easy’ solution; it may require you to make some difficult choices. But it is always the best solution to achieve what you have asked for. It will be the best solution for your higher Self.

March is often the most unpredictable month when it comes to the weather. But March does carry with it the energy to transform the mundane to the sublime, and chaos and turmoil to peace and harmony. All it takes is trust and commitment. Anything less will leave you right where you started.

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