New Moon of February

There’s a stillness that settles over the northern hemisphere during this time of the year. It may not appear in the weather, but can be felt and experienced in the darkness of the day. It is a time of settling in; when the grip of winter is firmly in place, making even your breath deeply felt and visible. It is a time of rest; wrapping yourself in blankets and warmth, letting your body release and relax. It is a time of reflection; watching your mind’s eye see beyond the sight of the obvious, allowing lessons to tumble forward and wisdom to be captured. As you allow yourself to be cradled in the stillness of this time, reflect on all the many ways you have been guided to this point in your life. Say a simple prayer of gratitude to all who have crossed your path, and all the lessons and teachings that have come your way. No one is ever in this incarnation alone, for there are many who walk with us and guide us.

The New Moon sets forth a time of new beginnings. Before you dream your next dream or create a new image of what you hope to see, achieve or experience, be sure to acknowledge all that has come, all that has gone, and all that will be. Then dream big! Dream tall! Make your dream bighearted, magnanimous, substantial and powerful! And, don’t stop there … make it worthy of all you are; reflective of all you can be; and, filled with all your potential.

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