Rising to the Challenge & Mercury’s Retrograde

Alas, it is true. We are experiencing another Mercury retrograde. It started January 21st and runs until February 11th, which can make the first half of February a bit more challenging. While a Mercury retrograde can challenge any travel plans you might have, cause electronic devices to behave strangely, and can turn contracts and legal matters against you, it is a great time for exercising your intuition, reflecting on the past, and learning patience and flexibility.

Take this time to review the changes you are making, and how those changes are working for you. Are they aiding you in your development, growth, and happiness? Be honest with yourself. It is easier to live with the truth than to try to reflect what you know to be a lie. If you believe that truth equals love, and love equals truth … then make this the month you begin living a life that reflects that belief. Make this the month you begin being truthful with yourself; relinquish all false justifications and rationalizations about yourself and your life.

During the first half of February, while still in retrograde, rise to the challenge by taking the time to dig deep within your Self. Access the courage you will need to stand up for what you want, who your are, and what you will need to live in your truth. Ask yourself  this question … when was the last time you had a good ‘belly’ laugh; when you laughed so hard your sides and face hurt? Life should never be so difficult you can’t find something to laugh about. Set a goal to bring laughter and happiness into your everyday life by the end of February.

Mercury moves out of retrograde and goes direct February 11th; a good time for you to stop receding from your integrity and devote yourself to your truth. Rise to the challenge by removing what keeps you from your truth, and replacing it with a genuine sense of love for your Self. As you strengthen your emotional and spiritual core of Self, force yourself to place a smile on your face every morning as you leave your bed and every evening as you return to it; wrapping yourself in the warmth of positive thoughts as you end your day and drift into the world of slumber.

Rise to the challenge of working deep within you, where true change takes place. Rise to the challenge of honoring your Self, your wisdom, and your inner longing. For it is there that you will find your truth, and your love of Self.

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