January’s New Moon, 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, is the first New Moon of the year. So … what will you create during this New Moon? Or will you be pushing a current project forward, moving it closer to completion? If you are looking to create something new, make it something that lifts your spirit just thinking about it. Make it something that brings a smile to your face and to your mind. Make it something you can commit to for the long haul. Make it something that your heart desires and yearns for. Make it something that will bring benefit to you now and throughout the year. Make it something that moves you out of your rut and brings newness into your life. Make it something that benefits you first.

If you are currently working on a personal project, take these next three days to fully engage and put all of your momentum into the project. Feel the power and force of the Universe supporting, moving and aiding you in your quest to completion or forward motion.

If you find it hard to look at, return to, or immerse yourself in the project, then perhaps this isn’t the right project for you at this time. Perhaps there are other, more important matters to be handled, understood, undertaken or completed before this particular project or its completion.

The Universe is behind you with all it’s energetic power and potential. Take action to remedy those things that are left unfinished or continue to be obstacles in your path. Keep your eye on your commitments for this year; your life, your happiness and your self-worth. Make whatever adjustments you need to make to continue your movement towards them; renewing your resolve and bolstering your commitment. Then, reward yourself with rest, and reimburse yourself with the gift of acceptance.

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