January’s Great Spirit Moon, 2015

Tomorrow, January 4th, brings us the first full moon of the year. I am always taken by the names given to the full moon by the Native American tribes of old. Many of the tribal names for this full moon make reference to the cold, or how frost or snow can be present in the tipi during this time. To me, the Ojibwa and Chippewa name fits best right now … the Great Spirit Moon. I say this not because it isn’t cold enough outside, but because of the cosmic energy that is currently present, and will be present throughout this year.

For the next several nights, turn your focus and attention towards the Great Spirit Moon. Ask for guidance, strength, clarity, and support in lifting your mind and spirit away from those things that tire you, weigh you down, burden you, and leaves you feeling less than positive, hopeful or joyful. Allow the vitality of the Great Spirit Moon to fill you with the fire to push you over and through the obstacles that have held you back, or held you hostage to fear, doubt and worry. Seek the insight and clarity of the Great Spirit Moon so you can see your own true, authentic self, and witness the potential that lies deep within you.

Stop the self-deception, turning it over to this Great Spirit Moon. And, replace that deception with honesty, sincerity, and a willingness to take the risk of self-actualization. Before we meet the first new moon of 2015, commit to honoring yourself by letting go of the facade you have carried these many, many years. Let go of the pretense and replace it with truth. It may seem a bit scary at first … but with practice, you will become a natural at being honest and natural!

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