Winter’s Full Moon, December, 2014

The Full Long Nights Moon of December reminds us that this is the time of year when the moon rises high in the sky while the sun sits low. As we move closer and closer towards the Winter Solstice, we sense the movement of the seasons and associated energies. We feel ourselves withdraw more and more into our ‘caves’ of darkness, night, slumber, dreams and quiet.

How appropriate it is to hold ceremonies and celebrations at this time of year before we completely descend into our ‘caves’ … rejoicing the close of another year while anticipating the gifts of the one yet to begin. In my last post I spoke of choices, responsibilities and finishing what you have started. This last Full Moon of the year re-enforces that same theme. This is the time to take yet another long look at the choices you have made throughout this past year. Have they served you well? Or, have they kept you stagnate; repeating past patterns and habits, and never really moving forward? Do you take responsibility for all those choices? Including those that didn’t produce the results you were hoping for; or, do you prefer to play the blame game? It’s easy to claim responsibility for those choices that produce desired results, but what about those that produce fear, anxiety, disappointment, destruction, or loss?

The Full Moon is always about completion … finishing what you started and making room for something new to come in during the phases of the New Moon. This is even more apparent this month … being the last month of the year as well as the last Full Moon. Think about how you want to finish what you have started. Think about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of all you have started. Finishing isn’t just about completing a task, sticking a bow on it and calling it ‘done’. It is about completing all aspects. How many times have you rushed through a project just so you could say you finished it? Then, within days or weeks you realize you could have done a better job of finishing it, if you had only taken a little more time with it; thought it through a little more, released its emotional attachment in a better way, or felt you simply didn’t do all you could have done. Quite often, when we think about finishing something, we think only in the realm of the physical completion … but that’s the easy part. Saying its complete isn’t the same as actually finishing it. So, whatever you started this year that isn’t quite finished; take the time to do it right. Understand what it will take to thoroughly finish it, because if you don’t, you will have to revisit it again at a future date and time.

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