November’s New Moon

It is less than one week before we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. This year has zipped right by me. I think I am still waiting for the heat of summer.

Most of us notice the glowing brilliance of a Full Moon on a clear night, but how many notice the 3-days of the New Moon? It is during those 3-days that we have the opportunity to start anew. Whatever those changes are you want to kick off, get rolling, or institute can be most effective and longer lasting if started during this time. If there are things in your life that no longer serve you, this is the time to replace them with something new, or at least will serve you better, now and into the future.

As women, we know that Grandmother Moon controls our cycles, moods, weight and fertility. As people, we know that she controls the tides and life giving waters of our planet, is good for personal cleansing, healing and blessing whatever new you want to bring into your life. With the holidays upon us, take this time to honor yourself, who you are, and all those who aid you in your pursuit of love, happiness, friends and family. And, take a moment Saturday night to thank the Grandmother of all … Grandmother Moon.

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