The Full Freezing Moon of November

If the sky is clear during the next few nights, take the opportunity to gaze for a few minutes at the fullness of Grandmother Moon. The names associated with this month’s moon tell a familiar story about the weather and what the next few months will bring. Names like White Frost, Freezing River, Freezing Moon, Snow Moon, and Moving In For Winter all call out the weather we are experiencing and what we know is heading our way. As the weather gets colder and everything outdoors seems frozen, we turn to the warmth and comfort of our ‘cave’, our home. Feeling the deep draw to hibernate, we find ourselves seeking a quieter refuge; the refuge of hearth and home.

As we begin withdrawing, we feel ourselves being wrapped in the cocoon of darkness from the longer nights. Settling in we find ourselves turning our focus inward, reflecting on all that has come and gone, and dreaming of what lies before us. The holidays help to carry us through the period of adjustment; adjusting to the changes in weather, nighttime, activities, moods and the quiet.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, allow yourself to stand beneath the brilliance of Grandmother Moon. Watch her as she moves across the sky with grace and stillness; ever present in her attempts to lead the way. As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the time to hold strong to your religious or spiritual beliefs and practices. This is the time to feel strengthened by all of nature and the natural world. As the holiday season (and all its commercialism) begins to crank up, and the natural cycle of this year begins to wind down, you may find yourself feeling disoriented, adrift, distracted, overwhelmed or a bit off your normal course. Use this time before the New Moon to lift yourself, your mood, your beliefs, and your dreams to a  new level; a level that will carry you now and through the end of the year. Solidify within you, all that you are, and all that you hope for. This is your time!


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