Trusting November, 2014

Can you hear the applause and cheers? It is due to the unbridled thrill and happiness of October’s demise. Personally, I am thrilled Mercury and all its tendency to wreak havoc has gone direct and quieted down. October seemed to be filled with turmoil, disappointment, strife and anxiety. Few were left unscathed by it’s pounding turbulence, leaving many to wonder what was happening in their world of professed commonness, stability and kindness. Even as October drew to an end, it did it with great flourish … dumping snow, rain and dropping temperatures to nearly everyone in the Great 48.

So here we are, plopped into a new month filled with mystery and left over concerns and emotions from the previous 31 frenzy filled days of October. What lies ahead is a month divided. The first half of November will find you trying to stabilize the ‘ground you stand on’ … your emotional, mental and spiritual ground. Many of you experienced turmoil in relationships, and some of you felt as though you were in a fog, unable to think clearly. As well, many complained of having lost their direction; not knowing what to do, where they are going or why.

As we begin our journey into this mysterious month of November take a moment to look back at October. Were you able to maintain your spiritual balance, knowing all would draw to an end and be well? Were you able to maintain your emotional balance, or were you finding yourself engulfed in emotions that were not fitting the circumstances? Were you finding yourself returning to old, familiar patterns from the past? Or, were you able to flow through the tidal waves of October, recognizing the temptations of the past but holding fast to your desired changes, goals and outcomes?

Taking the first half of November to gather and restore your balance, is the gift for navigating your storms of last month. Use this time to create, or recreate, all that you want in your life. Begin by reaffirming your spiritual or religious connection. If it is not, or has not been a strong focal point in your life, spend a little time understanding why it is missing. Establishing your strong spiritual connection will be important as you move through the remainder of November and this year of 2014. It will also help to embolden your spirit of creation, as you continue to manifest your full potential.

The second half of November, with its celebratory holiday, once again will bring about changes. Each of us will experience our own set of challenges with these impending changes, but the biggest challenge for many will be to let go and allow the changes to occur. Letting go equates to trusting. Trusting that the universe will take care of you … and trusting that all will be well. Trusting that you will end up in a good place, perhaps even a better place than where you started. Trusting and letting go of the need to know. Trusting and letting go of the need to control. Trusting and letting go of the need to direct. Trusting that any doubts that arise in your conscious mind are only there due to your ‘need to know and control’.

The first half of November affords you the opportunity to restore your creative balance and energy, and to strengthen and empower your spiritual connection. The second half of November will again lead you into challenging and changing times. As the weather begins to turn colder and the nights grow longer, we begin the process of reflection, introspection and contemplation.

As you continue to move through this month, trust that every decision you make will set a new course of action for you and your future. Making even the slightest modification to your decision making process will influence your future in some way.

Remember what Henry Ford said … “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  So, change it up! Trust in the wealth and wisdom of the Universe. Trust that change is good. Take these next 2 weeks to reinforce your commitment to change, and turn your trust and ‘control’ over to the Universe. And, as the month continues to reveal itself to you, trust in your spiritual connection that you will be taken care of, now into the future.

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