The New Moon and Solar Eclipse of October 2014

This New Moon, coupled with its partial Solar Eclipse, will be very impressive! Like its name, ‘New’ Moons always signal the start of something ‘new’. Since this is a partial Solar Eclipse, neither the Sun’s masculine, positive energy or the Moon’s feminine, negative energy will dominate, setting the stage for balance, unification and assimilation. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

When I wrote about October’s theme and the Full Moon, I talked about the effects of Mercury going retrograde and the two eclipses happening this month. For many of us, Murphy’s Law has been very present, as well as the emotional swings presented by the full lunar eclipse. As we head towards the end of the month, things begin to wind down; Mercury goes direct this weekend, and the partial solar eclipse of Thursday’s New Moon crosses our skies. Life will soon return to ‘normal’. Or will it?

What I didn’t tell you about the solar eclipse (even a partial one) is that the effects of it can often be felt as early as 3-months prior to its appearance in the sky, and with less intensity for 3-months following its rapturous appearance. The good news is, if you like change, it brings newness into your life! During these times we often think about starting new things; new jobs, new careers; new families; new relationships; new projects or hobbies. We make decisions, commitments, announcements, and plans. We feel excited, restless, passionate, eager, challenged, reckless, and emotional.

Step back and take a look at what is going on in your life right now. Have you experienced any of these things in the last 3-months? Have you made decisions that you didn’t even know you were thinking about or taking seriously? Have there been events in your life that came very unexpectedly? Have you committed to something that is going to move you in a different direction; move you forward in your life; or, move you in a direction of ‘maturity’?

Take advantage of this Thursday’s New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse. If you are feeling the urge or need to make a decision, move forward, start something new, or express yourself in a way that is unfamiliar, do it! Allow yourself to become familiar with the unfamiliar.

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