October’s (Basic) Theme … Completion

From an astrology perspective, October 4th starts a 3 week period of Mercury in retrograde … think Murphy’s law. On a cosmic perspective, October is usually a month of getting things done. When we add the unique characteristics of this particular October, of 2014, we need to also consider the dramatic effects that two eclipses will bring to this month’s progression and energy.

I am a fan of the cosmic calendar. I have plotted and followed this calendar for nearly three decades, and have always found it to be spot on when it comes to my personal and professional life. When I base the aspects of this month in a purely global context, with no interpersonal views or viewpoints considered, it reveals itself to be a month of completion. This is the time of year when the harvesting of crops is coming to an end, the weather is turning cooler, dawning a new season, and the toils of all your previous labors are paying off.

All of this is still true and absolutely applies to this month, but you need to also consider how Mercury’s retrograde and two eclipses will effect October’s basic theme of completion. Mercury’s retrograde (October 4th – 25th) will have a direct effect on any planned outcomes. Suffice it to say … be prepared. Whatever you might have planned during those three weeks, make sure you have a contingency plan in place. If you are traveling, give yourself some extra time. If you are buying or installing new electronic equipment, put it off. If you want to start a new project or are in the throws of making a big decision, don’t do it. Murphy’s law says that ‘whatever could go wrong, will go wrong’ … and, history is ripe with good examples of just that!

On October 8th, we will experience a Full Moon and a total lunar eclipse, followed on October 23rd by the New Moon and a partial solar eclipse. An eclipse will generally bring about an upsurge in emotional energy. A total lunar eclipse intensifies that emotional upsurge.

This is a great time to engage in your own upsurge of energy. Take this opportunity of increased energy to push forward in your own completion of projects … whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. This is a great time to embrace the energy of change and to push through those changes you have been working towards, want to see in place and working in your own world. You may even discover something new and exciting you want to pursue through the remainder of this year. Take a hold of this time and energy, and push forward. Don’t get hung up on the outcome! Remember, Mercury retrograde can alter outcomes … so go with the flow! Allow yourself to be fluid as you move through this month, staying focused on completion.

As the month begins to wind down, with the partial solar eclipse and New Moon on the 23rd, followed by the completion of Mercury’s retrograde, you may find yourself looking forward to a little stability in your life. Use the energy and momentum of this month to assist you in moving towards maintaining and completing all that you have started this year.

  • Looking back at the beginning of the year, recognize the changes that have taken place in and around you.
  • Are they what you expected?
  • What changes have you experienced that you were not expecting?
  • Have the changes been beneficial?
  • What changes are you still working on?
  • What changes are you afraid to make?
  • What fears are preventing you from moving forward?
  • Can you let go of your expectations and just allow change to take place?

This will be a month of extreme flux. Take the time to be present and witness the dynamics of all the Universal forces at work. Allow yourself to work towards the completion of all the changes you have initiated. But more importantly, allow yourself to let go of their outcomes. The harder you try to force a specific outcome, the more difficult completion will become.

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