Familiar September, 2014

As we move into the month of September some of us may feel the return of the ‘familiar‘. It is that time when life begins to settle down and take on the familiar patterns and rhythm of the colder months. It’s when the active playtime of spring and summer begin to come to a quiet end, and the thoughts and memories of holidays, hibernation and familiar settings start floating forward in our psyche. For most, it is a comforting time; for others, perhaps not so much.

This month of September starts out just that way … the return of the familiar. But will it stay that way? No. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we are leaving behind longer days and shorter nights. We welcome in the familiar change of seasons, of shorter days, longer nights and temperatures that begin to dip a little deeper in the evenings, as well as during the daylight hours. The air takes on a different but familiar fresh crispness, as the leaves begin to color the trees and landscape.

All of these changes are familiar to us … but September also ushers in a time of personal withdrawal. Have you noticed yourself feeling a little out of synch or a little ‘let down’? Do you wonder why you can’t seem to ‘get ahead’ or move beyond this point in your life? Does it feel like ‘Groundhog Day’ all over again?

It is the memory of things that have come and gone that stirs within you, overshadowing the changes you had made prior to the summer weather. You may not recognize those changes that have taken place … but they are there, living within you. You may not have noticed them as you ‘danced’ and busied your way through the months of summer … but there they are, awaiting your attention and efforts to resume.

Perhaps you sense the return of the familiar as mundane … living each day as you did the one before. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Before summer arrived, you had spent many months moving towards the discovery of Self. Summer events may have diverted your attention from Self, but the changes you embraced haven’t been lost, misplaced or otherwise forgotten. They are there within you, waiting for your next breath … for even your familiar has been brushed with the color of your changes.

As you move through the days of September, you will be presented with opportunities to look closely at all that is familiar … those things you may or may not want to keep, and the changes you may or may not want to make. This is a month of familiar and change. No matter how hard you try to keep things the same and familiar, change will still occur. One thing that never changes and should be quite familiar to you by now is change. What a wonderful time of the year this is!

Don’t waste your time thinking or worrying about the coming months. Don’t waste your time anticipating what the rest of the year has to bring you. Don’t waste your time mourning the end of summer. Take this time to recognize the familiar. Embrace that which you love; release what you don’t need or want; and, change what you don’t like.


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