New Moon/New Beginning

I love Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, especially when it is all women. You know you are sitting among some very strong, yet nurturing souls when you sit in the midst of the feminine; when you sit with women who are not afraid of speaking their truth and connecting at a very deep spiritual realm. Yesterday was such a day.

Tomorrow, Monday, the 25th, 2014, is the height of the New Moon of August. We always recognize the three days of the New Moon, so I believe the words spoken through me in that sweat yesterday were not only for the women present to hear, but encapsulates what this New Moon is about.

Are you looking back at all the mistakes, errors in judgment, or missteps you have taken during your life? Are you waiting for some ‘sign’ or ‘signal’ to let you know you no longer have to carry that burden of guilt? Where or from whom do you expect to receive ‘forgiveness’? How many of those burdens that you carry actually belong to you? And, how many of them belong to someone else? How many lives are you trying to make whole, right or satisfied? And, are you on that list, and if so, where?

New Moons are about new starts and letting go of that which no longer serves you. You cannot change what was … but you can change what will be. And only YOU can do that. Everything that was … has brought you to this place of the present. And you are the present. Without the past, you would not be the present that you are. You would not know all that you know. You would not have had the experiences you have had. You would not be the gift (the present) that you are to yourself and to all who know you.

So start this period of the New Moon by not looking back. Claim your present life and live it as only you can live it. Start now making the new memories you want to remember in your golden years. Celebrate Your Life!!

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