When The Geese Shed Their Feathers Moon, August, 2014

Many of the names given to this month’s full moon indicate similar changes in the weather, food supplies, or nature’s other creatures, like:

Black Cherries Full Moon, Berry Moon, End Of Fruit Moon, or Moon When The Cherries Turn Black;

End Of Summer Moon, Yellow Leaves Moon, Early Fall Moon, Time of Freshness Moon, Much Heat Moon, or Hot Moon;

Corn Is In The Silk Moon, When Indian Corn Is Ready Moon, or Big Harvest Moon; and,

When The Geese Shed Their Feathers Moon, Starts To Fly Moon, or The Moon Young Ducks Start To Fly.

During this August Full Moon, take the time to notice the changes around you and within you. Even though this hasn’t been a very hot summer, are you beginning to look towards the cooler weather of autumn or the return of a more ‘regular’ routine? Are you looking towards the end of summer and wondering how you are going to finish everything you wanted to get done this season but haven’t quite gotten to yet? Or, are you looking back at the days gone by and wondering where they went?

I can feel the ‘pull’ to start planning for the coming cooler (if not colder) months. But I don’t want to miss out on one moment of the Now. I just want to be fully present and engaged in where I am right now … pushing aside the thoughts of what the next season will bring, what has to be done, or what I should do. Of course there are notes on my calendar of upcoming events … but my focus is right here, right now. Nothing is more important in your life than what is going on right now.

Stop looking forward to the days to come. Stop looking backward at the days that have come and gone. Take this time, during this Full Super Moon (and beyond) to be fully present in each and every moment of your life. There are no guarantees for tomorrow … so witness, engage and immerse yourself in this perfect and present moment. How many times have you said, or heard someone say, “I wish I had paid more attention to …” or “If only I had known that would be my last chance to …”?  Don’t allow yourself to miss out! Stay present! Pay attention! Collect those memories.

Take these 3 days of the full moon to fully witness your life and all life around you. Witness the changes taking place all around and within you. Be present in those changes, and embrace the mystery of your life.

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