Empowerment, July 2014

July is such a wonderful month when you live north of the equator. Life is blooming all around you. By this time of the year the warmth of the sun and winds have dispelled the need for hibernation. You are keenly aware of the need to continue your move forward, get things done, stretch the muscles of your body, mind, and spirit, and reflect on where you were this time last year while anticipating the scenic road that lies before you. On top of that, we have Mercury coming out of its retrograde leaving some of us spinning.

I have never been one to feel Mercury’s wrath during its retrograde, but it definitely made its presence known this time! When Mercury is retrograde it is not uncommon for schedule’s to get confused, flights to be delayed, and for plans to go awry. So it was for me last week. I was on my way to pick my daughter and granddaughter up from the airport when my car was struck by another, who eventually fled the scene. No one was seriously hurt, mostly just shaken up and left a bit disoriented and forgetful.

So why am I telling you this story? Because the way we respond to adversity says a lot about how empowered we might be feeling at any given moment. I could have been really angry and upset after the accident, especially when the other driver took off and left me standing there looking at the damage done to my car. Once I realized the other car had left, I didn’t think badly of the other driver or assume some awful reason why they left. I simply called my daughter to let her know I wouldn’t be able to pick her up and that she needed to call someone else, but that I was okay and waiting for the police. I was without a doubt stunned, traumatized, and definitely shaken up. But I was clearly in the moment, witnessing what was taking place around me, and moving with the flow of events. Two gentlemen who had seen the accident stopped to make sure I was alright and to give their view of the accident to the police, and for them I was very grateful and appreciative of their thoughtfulness and extended kindness.

Did I take on the role of the victim? No, not at all. Was I angry that my new car was smashed up? No, but disappointed. Did I think vile things of the driver who left me stranded? No, for a moment. Was I thankful that the accident was over and no one was seriously hurt? Yes, most definitely. The accident allowed me and everyone involved to witness and stand in each of our own reactions to all of these events. I do not know why the other driver fled the scene. I do not know why the two gentlemen decided to stop and help. But I do know it was an opportunity for each of us to observe, witness and own our intentions and choices during those moments.

This was not an event I would have chosen to have happen on that day, at that moment. It was not a positive, uplifting event, but rather one that was scary, intense and totally unpredictable. The way each of us chose to react to the energy held in that chain of events made the difference between whether that energy and situation empowered or dis-empowered each of us individually. If you are fully present and embrace what spirit puts before you without negativity, blame or victim-hood, it empowers you.

The month of July will present opportunities and ‘nudges’ for you to stand and witness the forward movement and momentum of your intentions. Things may not always appear to be moving in the direction you would like them to, and people may suddenly appear or disappear in your life. Allow spirit to manifest your intentions and choices in a way that will best serve you. Be present in the moments ahead, embrace what spirit manifests, and allow yourself to feel empowered  through your choices and intentions. Own what you know in your heart to be the right choices and intentions for you. Allow yourself to stand tall and embrace all that is positive and good in your life. Then turn and look at those things that feel dis-empowering. Take each of those relationships, situations or events and hold them up to the light before you. Recognize the gifts of experience and knowledge they bring to you … turning the negative energy into a more positive energy. Let go of that which feels heavy and burdensome, and embrace all that lifts you up, lightens your load, and deepens your empowerment.

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