The Full Rose Moon of June, 2014

There is nothing more descriptive about our seasons than the names given to each month’s Full Moon. Today we follow time by looking at our watches or cell phones, and know the days and seasons by our calendars. ‘Back in the day’ all of this was done by watching the sky … observing the movement of the sun and stars, and the waxing and waning of the moon. Because the strawberry season is so short, June’s Full  Moon was dubbed the Full Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin tribe, while the Cherokee knew it as the Green Corn Moon.  For the Dakotah Sioux it is known as the Moon When The Berries Are Ripe and the Choctaw knew it as the Windy Moon. All of these names described the time of year or season given a tribe’s location. Other English, European and Celtic names include the Full Rose Moon, the Full Flower Moon, and the Full Horse Moon, respectively.

June is a time of growth. Whether it is the growth of a new planting or the reawakening of one that slumbered through the winter … this is a time of awakening. An awakening that comes from deep within … pushing out the old and stagnate, while opening up, drawing in, and embracing the richness and fertility of all that surrounds and supports you.

Take this time to be grateful for where you have come from … the challenges you have met, the obstacles you have hurdled, the hills you have climbed and the valleys you have walked through.

June 11th, 2014, began the 3 days of the Full Moon. As the days of the Full Moon pass, look forward towards the road yet to be traveled. Step forward and welcome the continuation of all that is yet to be experienced … of new life, new growth, new challenges, and new blessings.

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