The Dawning Of June, 2014

Welcome to the dawning of a new day! And a new way!! You can almost feel it in the air.

Even with life’s little troubles (and big ones) there seems to be the presence of some kind of newness or freshness in the air. It is as though we have just begun to poke our heads out of the cocoon we began wrapping ourselves in so many, many months ago. As we lift our heads out of the darkness and protective cloak, we begin to see the coming of light. It may seem to be way out in the distance, but as we sit quietly looking out at it we realize it is slowly moving towards us. 

Some of you may want to throw off the protective wrapping as you stand up and shout “alleluia“! Some of you may want to continue sitting back, quietly watching and waiting to see what this new light is going to bring you. Some of you may be looking out at the light and wondering how long it will last and if perhaps it might be best to just slide back down into that protective cocoon and remain exactly where you have been for oh so many, many months, and maybe years.

In the darkness of May’s New Moon a new light was dawning in the distance. It is the light of all things to come. How you choose to greet the dawning of this new light is up to you. Does it mean that all of the chaos, trouble, heartache, illness, worry and woes of your life will suddenly disappear and never enter into your realm of consciousness again? No. What it means is you now have the opportunity to walk forward in your life, on your path, seeing clearly where you are going, what you are attracting to yourself, and continuing the creation of the life you want live. This new dawning represents the light of the future. 

If you are a negative person … always seeing the glass half empty … you will be able to see the negative aspects of life being drawn into your consciousness and awareness. There will be no misunderstanding as to what you are creating for yourself … it will be as obvious as the nose on your face. 

If you are a person who practices seeing the positive side of life … mostly seeing the glass as half full … you will begin to experience an upward shift in your energy on all levels of your Being. You will feel more passion about those things and people you hold near and dear to your heart. You will feel yourself awakening each morning with renewed enthusiasm and anticipation.

If you are a person who chooses to hold everything tightly in your grip, attempting to control every outcome of every event or person, you will begin to experience a loosening of your grip. As the dawning of this new light grows, you will have the opportunity to see beyond your fears, to see the actions and outcomes of the fears that try to hold you hostage. Those you try to control will twist and stretch, attempting to bathe themselves in this light of love, life, choice and identity. Your grip will eventually loosen as you witness the loss of control you thought was yours for so long. 

If you are a person who has chosen to experience all that life has to offer … the good, the bad, and the ugly … and to learn from each and every experiential opportunity, this new dawning light will lighten your way to the life you are striving towards. Will there be hills and valleys? Yes, in deed there will be. Will they be a navigable? Yes, and the scenery will fill you with awe.

Regardless of who you are or how you choose to live your life, like every new dawn there will be change … as the light sweeps the darkness away. The old ways of life will no longer work the same way they did before … so pay attention! When you find yourself taking 3 steps backward, look around you. Allow yourself to recognize what is no longer working for you, or what you no longer need to fear. Step beyond what was … and stand in the dawning light of your new life! And celebrate!!


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