May’s New Moon, 2014

We are experiencing May’s 3-days of the New Moon … right now as I am writing this. And, from where I sit here in Michigan, the weather is presenting us an opportunity to go within and reflect for a few moments on the coming weeks … as the moon begins to grow and bring light into our otherwise darkened night skies. The rains and gray skies creates a sense of being cocooned or held gently in place, surrounded by a heavy blanket (humidity). You often hear people say it is days like this that they like to curl up with a good book, or relax in a comfy chair with their cup of tea or coffee and just be quiet … reflective. And so we have last night, today and tomorrow to reflect on …

  • all we have to be grateful for,
  • the things you loved to do as a child,
  • fond memories of childhood summers,
  • how you felt each year as you reached that last day of school,
  • the glorious freedom of knowing you had a long sunny, hot summer where you could escape the otherwise daily routine,
  • the sounds of nature during the day,
  • the sounds of nature at night,
  • the days outside and the fireworks at night.

Each New Moon gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we are coming from and where we want to be going … it signals the start of a new cycle. So, look into your memories of years gone by and remember the good times. Remember the feeling of being a kid looking forward to the end of the school year, or the joy of spending long hours playing  outside in the sun, by the water, or simply with your friends and family. Hold on to those feelings and sensations of your youth and enthusiasm for life. Allow yourself to bask in gratitude for all the joys and laughter the coming season has presented to you in your life … the obstacles you have overcome, and the triumphs of your successes.




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