May’s Full Flower Moon, 2014

Many cultures gave names to each of the full moons. Although we are more aware of the full moon names given by the Native Americans, the Chinese, Celtic and the early settlers all had names for the full moon. Each of the names reflecting some aspect of the season given the locale of the ‘tribe’. For example, the Celt’s called this the Full Bright Moon, while the Algonquin tribes referred to it as the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Full Planting Moon, and the early settlers aptly named it the Full Milk Moon. The common theme among these names has to do with ‘beginnings’ … which follows this month’s theme of inventory.

Some of you have talked to me about the directions your life has been moving towards. Freeing yourself from the burdens you have carried or letting go of past traumas is allowing you the freedom you have desired to grow and expand your personal (and professional) world of understanding and possibilities. Bringing about change in your life is without a doubt a daunting and, often times, a scary thing. I have heard you speak of the fears and doubts that can plague you even when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the changes coming into your life is needed, wanted and a very good thing!

During these 3 days of the full moon, and as you continue to take inventory of all the changes you have victoriously or otherwise witnessed, be grateful for all that has come to pass …

  • the highs and lows of the experiences,
  • the friends, family and relationships,
  • the fears you faced and overcame (or are still working through),
  • the lessons learned and those yet to present themselves, and
  • all of the breaths you have yet to take.

Don’t get caught up on the ‘what if’s’ or the past. And, most importantly, don’t waste your time projecting what could or might be, where you are ‘going’, or what the future may ‘look’ like or hold for you. Let it unfold gradually and naturally. If you hold good and pure intentions, so too will your future … just like the Celtic Full Bright Moon!

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