May’s Inventory

You may be wondering why so many people were up in arms over the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, when the year 2014 has appeared to be much more chaotic, disruptive, confusing, unsettling and, at times, mystifying. You have already read in previous posts about the Blood Moon, the recent lunar and solar eclipses on the Full and New Moons, as well as the history making Cardinal Grand Cross. The combined effects of these astrological events have caused havoc throughout our entire universe … which naturally includes you and me.

Quite often people will read their horoscope in the newspaper or on-line and pay very little attention to what is said because they are usually pretty generic in presentation. They might also spend some time watching programs like Nova or PBS, or catch themselves reading or listening to others talk about our universe and events that are taking place out there in space. We rarely take the time to understand the effects the other planets, moons and stars have on us because we think of them as having ‘no life’ … exhibiting no life forms we can associate ourselves with. But everything in our solar system does have life. The simple movement within the vast expanse of our universe, the birth and death of stars and planets, the ‘black hole’, and the heat, rays and solar flares of our sun all illustrate the existence of huge realms of energy. So, when there is an energetic shift ‘out there’, there is an energetic shift happening ‘right here’ … as witnessed through the craziness of our weather patterns, earthquakes and tremors, and the upheaval taking place in the world’s political and religious organizations.

So, what does May hold for us? As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have reached the apex. We have ‘climbed the mountain’! And, it has been difficult … with all the obstacles, roadblocks, treacherous terrain, and bad weather trying to push us back, make us take cover, and then pushing us to forge forward again towards our ever changing goals, intentions, and objectives. These past 18+ months have not been easy … but they have made you grow, expand, trust, and take stock of yourself, your life, your world, and your purpose.

May is the time to bring it all together … all that you have experienced, learned and treasure. It is a time to be jubilant … the hardest part is behind you. It is a time of bringing peace and harmony back into your life … and becoming the embodiment of who you are, what you know and believe, and standing tall as to where you are going. This is all easier said then done … but now is the time.

If you take the time to look at where you were 2 years ago … physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually … can you see the changes that have occurred? The shift in your perception? In your desires, attitude, and understanding? In your relationships with people, places, things, Mother Earth and all her inhabitants? In taking care of yourself and your loved ones? If you were to ask a close friend or relative, what would they say your biggest to smallest changes have been? Take inventory of where you are … compared to where you came from. Look at the strides you have made in moving towards becoming the person who lives within you … the person you are … your authentic Self.

Sometimes on our journey, we forget where we came from, the strides we have made in becoming who we are, who we want to be. We see only the path ahead, and linger on the negative things we did or didn’t do in our recent or distant past. We don’t see where we are, and we don’t acknowledge how life has stretched us, pulled us, twisted us, bruised and, at times, battered us … or, that we were able to move beyond it all and come out the other end a far, far better person then the one who started the journey.

Now is the time to take that inventory. To witness what you tossed aside because it no longer served you. To see what you have tweaked along the way, so it could serve you now and into the foreseeable future. To acknowledge that which you have recently accumulated and how it will avail itself in benefiting you.

Take a deep breath. Stand tall and steadfast. Lift your head and see all that is before you. Trust in all that you embody. Then open your heart and lead.

Not everyday will be an easy day. Not everyday will be a hard day. But everyday is one more day for you to practice what you have learned and what you want to be, and to continue to tweak what is not working in your best interest or in the interest of your loved ones.


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