April’s Full Paschal Moon

April 15th will usher in the first full moon of spring … which is why it is called the Paschal Moon. April’s Full Moon is also known as the Full Pink Moon because of the sprouting of new grasses and ground phlox. It is also the time the shard begins to run, so it is also called the Full Fish Moon.

In previous posts I have talked about this being the ‘blood moon’ and a part of a series of 4 consecutive  and complete lunar eclipses occurring approximately 6 months apart, also called tetrad. Centuries can pass without a single blood moon occurring, but this year, it is accompanied by a lunar eclipse and the three legs of a rare Cardinal Grand Cross.

We often view the full moon as a time of completion … a time of wrapping up what was started during the previous new moon. And with that in mind, this full moon is no different. EXCEPT the energetic intensity this month is many times more powerful or forceful than any we can remember in our lifetime!

So this is the time, my friend, to be honest with yourself about what you are here to do and whether or not you are up to the challenge. You have been preparing for this time all your life. While your journey may have taken many twists and turns, it has taught you everything you need to know to move through this time of intense change.

Put aside your fears and doubts … and set your gaze towards the future … YOUR future! Do this for yourself. Do this with a sense of purpose. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in what others are doing, saying, thinking or displaying. Go for your own joy, happiness, fulfillment, and awareness.

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