Welcome to the Momentum of April, 2014

There is so much activity right now … energetically speaking … it is virtually impossible to not be bumped, nudged or otherwise jilted by it. First, there is the Cardinal Grand Cross with 3 of its 4 legs already in position … the 4th one is on its way. Secondly, we just witnessed the Spring Equinox pushing us towards new growth, new life, new dreams, new starts. And finally, but yet to come, we have before us a total lunar eclipse happening during April’s Full Moon, followed by an annular solar eclipse later in the month on the New Moon.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is the time we have all been waiting for … a time of expansion and contraction, renewal and release, beginnings and endings, of life and of death. But, how it all plays out in your world … is up to you.

For many, this year has been like a roller coaster … with its many ups and downs, shifts and turns, and changes in momentum. At times it may seem that everything is out of control, moving too fast or too slow … or seemingly, not moving at all. You may have found yourself moving through emotional swings of critical self-judgment, negativity, loneliness and fear one minute, then in the next find yourself looking at the silver lining of life with all its promise and potential.

Well, this is your month! This is your time to stand up, stand tall and to deal with your fear, your resistance, and your self-imposed reluctance to reaching your full potential. This is what you have been working towards for the past 18 months (or maybe all of your life!). Allow the momentum of this energetic time to help propel you forward … past your fears, your patterns, your habits, and your excuses. This is not the time to analyze what you should or shouldn’t do … analysis creates paralysis. This is the time for action … for climbing on top of your wave and riding it through to the end. Let the momentum of this uplifting energetic movement guide you to the new, vibrant and dynamic space you began creating back in 2012.

Expand your sense of self-worth … be fearless in your pursuit of happiness, harmony, and fulfillment. Don’t let your old, worn out patterns or the voices of your past try to restrict your growth and spiritual maturity. When faced with the old paradigms, take the time to recognize it, acknowledge it, and release it to the past.

Allow this energetic momentum to rekindle in you that deep personal desire you have felt so often throughout these past 18 months (or more) as you have worked towards and reached out to your ultimate goal and objective. Release the binds that have held you in place and allow yourself to be swept up and carried to your place of wholeness.

This is your time of new beginnings … a time for opening space for what you want. A time for finishing the current chapter in your life and starting a new one. How exhilarating it can be to move from one life chapter to another … only to find that something more exciting, more intriguing, or more adventurous is waiting in the next!

We often think of endings as something so final there is nothing left in the end. But this is not true. All that you are, all that you know and all that you have ever been will forever be present and available to you. New beginnings provide you the avenue to add new dimensions, understandings, and experiences to your ever expanding and changing life.

The Full Moon on April 15th brings with it a full lunar eclipse, while the New Moon of April 29th brings the annular solar eclipse. Starting on or about the 14th of April through to the 30th, the momentum of the energies will be at their highest peak. It will be up to you to stand tall and firm in the face of any and all adversity or disruption that may arise during this time. Some believe this time will be the hardest and toughest to maneuver through … holding onto your integrity, truth, convictions, intentions, honor and personal power. The thrust of this momentum during this time can feel like a crushing weight at times, pushing you back, down and into an abyss of fear and self-doubt.

During this time, the 4th leg of the Cardinal Grand Cross moves into position … April 23/24 … putting even more emphasis on the expansive, propelling momentum.

As the month draws to an end, the force of the momentum will begin to subside. Other energies will continue to play out, however the roller coaster will begin to slow down, there will be fewer shifts and turns, and the ups and downs will smooth out. As you emerge from the intensity of this time, you may find yourself perhaps in a different space, with a different attitude and different perspective. How you emerge and where you find yourself will be entirely up to you.

If you chose to withdraw and cling to your fears and negativity through this month, feeling the victim … your world going forward will not change much. You will have missed the opportunity of transformation … of all that you set out to do, to accomplish, to embrace, and to experience.

If, however, you clung to your truth, your goals, your happiness and self-worth, rising above the mundane and voices of the past … your world going forward will be more closely aligned with your true essence, making wholeness possible, and opening your realm to your full potentiality.

Don’t fall short. Don’t let past disappointments repeat themselves or get in the way of you taking that giant leap of faith into your future. The momentum is yours for the taking. Yes … it will be a rough ride … but a ride worth taking! Grab a hold of that core strength and understand you have been working on and building up. When things are not as positive and upbeat as you would like them to be … find comfort in the knowledge ‘that this too shall pass’. And when it does, you will find yourself in a far, far better place.

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