The New Moon of March, 2014

The joy I find in any New Moon is the starting of a new cycle … of knowing the old is over and I have the opportunity to start anew again. The same is true for this New Moon, but with the added bonus of having just witnessed the unfolding of the Spring Equinox. Like the New Moon, but on a much grander scale, the Spring Equinox is also a time of new beginnings, new life, new dreams and rebirth.

In these times of new beginnings, whether it is the rising of the New Moon or coupled with the Equinox, it is important to be clear about what you want … and to do it in a positive way. Speak out to what you want. Speak it out loud to yourself, to those around you and to those who guide you spiritually. And when those times of doubts, questions or uncertainty arise … stop! Stop the negative thoughts. Stop the negative actions. Stop whatever you are doing that is not supportive of who you are, what you want, or where you want to be … emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When faced with my own uncertainty, I like to call forward memories and images of people and times when all of life seemed ‘perfect’, comforting and reassuring. I like to reflect on all the good in my life, and the joy I find in everyone and everything that greets me each day. Then I reset my thoughts … and begin again. I begin from a place of gratitude.

So take some time for yourself today … or tomorrow. Quiet yourself, letting all of the day’s and week’s activities lift off your shoulders and settle somewhere else. Take in a couple of deep cleansing breaths … exhaling any tension you might find in your neck, shoulders, back or hips. Place a smile on your face and looking up, speak out loud what it is you want for yourself. Speak of how you want to feel emotionally and spiritually, and why it is important to you. Look up as you speak, so your words can be carried far and wide on the winds of change. Be happy. Be forceful. Be positive. Be sincere. Be truthful. Be kind. Be honest.


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