March’s Full Worm Moon, 2014

It is probably hard to believe, given our current weather patterns, that the Algonquin tribes call this full moon the Full Worm Moon … the time of year when the ground begins to soften and the earth worms begin to poke their heads out of the ground. It is the Full Crow Moon, as noisy crows begin to make their presence known, building their nests and preparing for the coming months. It is also known as the Full Sugar Moon or Full Maple Moon, as the maple trees are tapped to collect their sap … for the sweetening and softening of foods. To some tribes, like the Choctaw, this is still a time of living on the foods previously stored for the long, cold winter months. At this point, food supplies have dwindled to a few precious items … if any … so this moon is also known as the Big Famine Moon. But in many of the northern regions, it was also called the Full Crust Moon … due to the repeated melting and freezing of the fallen snow.

These names reference the time of year or season of a specific full moon and apply to the entire month. Today we think of the month starting with the first day of a specific calendar month. However, prior to the English settlers the month started with the full moon, and the name of the moon applied to all of the following days and nights until the next full moon.

Just as these full moon names speak to an ending of winter and the return of the sun and warmer weather, it also speaks to a return of expansion, growth and new life. The snows and cold are receding. The trees, plants and grasses are beginning to wake up to the warmth of the sun, drinking in the water from the melting snows. The birds are returning, building their nests and finding their mates. New life is on the horizon … preparation for it is underway. So too is it a time for you to air out what has become stagnate, stale and musty.

Continuing the theme of March Madness … moving forward, this is the time to steady yourself. Look at how far you have come over the past year, the strides you have made and the direction you want to continue moving towards. Follow your plan and pay attention to the ‘sign posts’ … what the Universe presents to you along your journey.

Lift your eyes … and look to the future. Step into the warmth of the sun … and feel yourself grow and expand in light and love. Allow the March breezes to blow away what no longer serves you … relieving you of the burdens of the past and the worries of the future. And finally, take inventory of what brings warmth and happiness to you … leaving you with a smile on your face and in your heart.

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