Pondering … What Am I Supposed To Do When I Grow Up?

How often have you asked that question or heard that question asked? I wish I had a dollar for each time I have heard that question. So … let me ask you this …

Is it a destination you seek? When you find the thing you are ‘supposed to do’, what happens then? Do you just do that for the rest of your natural life? Or, do you find yourself asking that same question again at some later point in life? Or, can you stop pursuing your own internal truth because you found it?

When asking this question … do you feel you have room for growth to happen … where you stretch and grow intellectually or spiritually or as a humanitarian? Or, do you feel you are wasting your time doing whatever it is you are doing with or in your life right now? Are you referring to an occupation? Or, are you referring to a sense of being?

When thinking about this question … do you think you need to ‘figure it out’ on your own, then go and pursue it, or do you believe if you are open and receptive, and ask the Universe, God, the Great Mystery, or some other Divine entity to lead you, that something might be presented to you?

Before you ask or ponder this question, do you feel a sense of emptiness within you that hasn’t been filled in a while? Or, do you look around and believe that you could better serve humanity, Mother Earth, our future generations, one of the many charities, or the Universe?

If you find yourself asking this question, then you are right … there is more you can do for yourself and all those around you. To find the answer is to find your truth, your purpose, and your mission.

This question has nothing to do with what you do … whether you are a doctor, lawyer, housekeeper, teacher or janitor doesn’t matter. Its about who you are. People who are ‘successful’ and love their jobs still ask this question. You are not what you do … your truth does not lie in what you do … and it is not going to look like, feel like, or sound like any body else’s truth. It is unique unto you … just like your fingerprint and everything else about you.

So, if you find yourself asking this question … it doesn’t necessarily mean you have the wrong occupation, relationship, or hobbies. The question is much deeper than that. It has to do with the one that resides within you and their truth.The first step is up to you.


One thought on “Pondering … What Am I Supposed To Do When I Grow Up?

  1. Reading over this Pondering:  I feel secure in where I am.  I am happy with the jobs that I do.  I drive a school bus, which in itself is not easy, but I really feel that I work with the children.  They like being on the bus.  There is an understanding.  They know what is expected of them and like it.  If something goes wrong (as it will with kids), I am gentle with them.  Rarely do I have to speak with a parent. I also am a professional gardener, in which I feel that the gardens I work in are kept ‘safe’  from chemicals and destruction of the soil – I have always felt that this is where God wanted me.  But, I am totally happy and my clients enjoy their outdoors living areas.  How often can you say that your work has been totally appreciated?  This is a rare thing when I talk with friends and family.  I also do energy shifting – for people and animals.  This is such a gratifying blessing to me.  I get to see changes in my clients and even though I am a peaceful being, it seems to bring me more peace. So I have these 3 great things in my life.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  BUT, I continue to stay open for any inner guidance that would have me go down a different path.  Because when you look at it, that is how I received these great things.  I listened to and followed my inner guidance.  Not that there wasn’t resistance – I did hold a fear of success for awhile, but received a big wakening call that could not be avoided any longer. 

    Kitty Morgan Ridgeback Rescue of the United States Volunteer ~ Treasurer http://www.rrus.org/


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