Pondering … Life’s Choices

I recently read where life doesn’t require you to do anything.

You don’t need to be consistent in the way you think, act or live. You don’t need to be beautiful to have a wonderful, fulfilling life. You don’t need to be smart, brilliant, intellectual, or well educated. You don’t need to be rational, sane or predictable. You don’t need to be employed, wealthy, rich with material goods, generous, or loving. You don’t need to get married, have children, live alone, live in a commune, own a home, rent an apartment, live in the city or out in the countryside, or have a place of residence at all. You don’t have to be kind, selfish, lazy, adventurous, wise, religious, curious, angry, critical, demanding, wasteful, rigid, uptight, or rebellious. You are not required to do or be anything, except the one thing many people try to avoid and parents don’t always teach their children. What is the one thing life requires of you? It requires you to feel and live with the consequences of your choices.

All of us at some point in our life have made choices that were immediately or eventually painful experiences. From these experiences we are given the opportunity to learn a little about ourselves … how we felt about the consequences of our choice, how we handled the outcome. Did we own up to the choice or did we do our best to cover up our actions, decisions, or involvement? We recognize what we might have done differently or not, how our choices effected everyone and everything around us, including our future.

When you think about choice … it seems like such a simple word. You can pick this or pick that or create another choice altogether. But with every choice we make in our life … with every decision, judgment, opportunity, selection, vote, or rejection we make in our lives … there will be a consequence. Do we think about those consequences before we make our choice? Or, do we make our choice based on our own set of rules, judgment, experience, desire, need, motive or sense of self-worth?

How many choices do you make in a day? How many of those choices are purely self serving? How many choices did you make that helped to serve others?

As you look back over your life … have your choices served you well, or were they made with others in mind? Have your choices led you to a place of peace and harmony? What have you learned about making choices and their consequences?

In many ways, I do not believe we make mistakes through our choices. They are simply choices made to help us learn more about ourselves, our reactions and our character. They are not to be swept under the rug, ignored or forgotten. They are the building blocks that help us build a deep, courageous, steadfast, quality personality … for ourselves and for others to aspire towards.

One thought on “Pondering … Life’s Choices

  1. I agree. I would also like to add that in accepting and taking responsibility for our own choices it becomes easier to forgive the choices that others have made that impacted our lives in a painful way.


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