March Madness is here!

For those of you living in what has become the ‘cold snow belt’ this year … March is the month for weather related environmental changes … which also leads to emotional, mental and spiritual changes within our very Being! Hurray!!!

Has it seemed like a really long time since you felt the sun in your face or warm breezes? Do you dream about what you want to do or how you want to feel when the weather finally breaks and you can open the windows of your home and your soul and let fresh, energy filled breezes blow through, clearing out the debris of this long, cold winter? Do you feel yourself straining against the reins that are holding you back from running head long towards your goals for this year? Well … this is your month! The month of Moving Forward, Total Engagement, No Looking Back, and Employing All Your Resources.

Now is the time to  move forward towards your ultimate goals. Many of you are really good at procrastination … putting off until ‘everything is perfect’, until the timing seems right, or until others are ready for the shifts and changes. Lots of excuses can be generated to hold off your move forward … but that is all they are … excuses. Is it fear that has held you back? Are you afraid of failure? Or, are you afraid of the responsibility of success? Whatever the fear, whatever the resistance, it is time now to totally engage and commit to your goals. It is time to take that step, moving forward and away from that which has held you in place, stuck to the past, limiting your growth and opportunities to experience and embrace the changes your heart and soul know to be yours.

Allow yourself to commit to moving forward and becoming totally engaged in taking those necessary steps to reaching your ultimate goal(s). Once you take that first step, planting your foot firmly onto your path of movement, you begin to feel the shift from fear to total engagement. Total engagement frees you from the weight of resistance, hesitation, reluctance, uncertainty, and fear. When you carry this kind of weight around you feel lethargic, unable to think past the immediate situation, unable to see the horizon of a new day, a new way, or a better life. Until you totally engage, you find yourself reliving Bill Murray’s  role in the movie “Ground Hog Day”. Whether you are bored with your current career, want changes in your personal relationships, or are looking to uncover the spirit that lies within yourself … it will not happen until you totally commit and engage … engaging in the process, and in welcoming the outcome (what lies beyond the horizon, hidden from your obscured view) knowing it will come to better serve you, now and into the future.

Taking that step, moving forward and allowing yourself to totally engage also encourages you to not look back. You want to face the direction you are moving, so why would you look back? Instead, looking forward with each forward step allows you to see all of the potential that lies before you. You don’t just end up somewhere one day … but instead move with deliberate and measured steps, witnessing all there is to see, passing that which will not serve you so well, and lingering at those places that will further serve you along your journey.

Not everything will you leave behind on your journey. Somethings may find a different place in your life … a different purpose, function or direction. The old saying, “…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” reflects your ability to employ all of your resources. Keep that which continues to serve you … adjust, modify or set aside that which may be of benefit in the future … and discard those that will hinder your movement forward and achieving your full potentiality.

How do you start? Start with little steps. Start with simple changes … changes that are manageable and not overwhelming. Start with a step that may at first seem a little frightening, but leaves you feeling good about yourself … leaving a smile on your face, and a sense of worth in your very Being.


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