Pondering … What you put out, is what you get back …

How many times have you heard that saying? For me, more times than I can count. But I am convinced people don’t truly know the depth of that very simple saying.

I had the good fortune of spending a few days away from the cold and snow this past weekend. It gave me some time to ‘ponder’. I don’t just wake up one day and decide what to ponder. No … I am forced, manipulated, and put into situations where I HAVE to pay attention to what is going on around me. Once that happens there is no stopping the pulsing flood of streaming information that takes place. Flying back home last night, I couldn’t write fast enough … trying to capture the flood of information and images so I could pass it along to you … and to me.

What you put out, is what you get back … isn’t just a saying. It doesn’t just relate to one thing we do or don’t do. It is about a much bigger picture than most people realize. Many of you already know that science is spending time and energy trying to figure out the realms of spirit, consciousness, thought forms, intuition, clairvoyance, sixth sense, second sight, extrasensory, etc. Their findings are interesting … but inconclusive on many fronts. While I have deep admiration for Einstein and all he did to change the way people have thought, I know there is more to this realm than science can prove.  I know, because I know!

Anyway, getting back to the saying … we know that if you wake up in the morning with negative thoughts, negative thoughts will follow you all day (unless you work to change them). If you carry judgment and anger in your mind and in your thoughts, they will draw towards you that same kind of manifestation. If you believe what others have told you in the past about who you are and who you will grow up to be … that is exactly how your life will play out. If you believe in predestination and the inevitability of what will come to pass … guess what? It will all come to pass! If you believe you are jinxed, your life will forever be a trial and hardship, or everyone and everything always goes against you … then you are right! It is and it will!

The saying also includes our emotions. Our reactions to certain events will continue to replay each and every time there is a similar event in our life. If you fear others are talking or judging you in a negative way, you begin to change the way you behave in front of them … altering your behavior and expectations. Emotionally you begin to experience highs and lows when around these people … building up in your mind how they may or may not feel about you … what they might say or be saying … allowing yourself to feel dread, angst, and maybe even despair.

Such negative thoughts and emotions eventually lead us to negative actions. Whether these actions are how we respond to others, to ourselves, to events or situations … we begin to react. We may decide to avoid certain people, places and events so we don’t have to subject ourselves to being in the company of those who ‘don’t like us or talk poorly about us’. But even this scenario belies our own negative thoughts. As we imagine them being negative to us, we in turn are having negative thoughts, emotions and actions towards them.

These negative thoughts and emotions can often be identified as a pattern … replaying a pattern we learned early in life. These negative patterns are often spotted in families … handed down through the generations. No one ever stopping to take the time to figure out what actually lays behind the patterns. What prejudices and judgments are woven into these patterns of ours? What was the purpose or reason for it in the first place?

And what about those areas of our life where we have these ‘knee jerk’ reactions to a new or different idea, ideal, or concept? We see it in religion, politics, and healthcare all the time! Being a healer, spiritual coach and teacher, I see it nearly every day! Can you honestly say you have all the answers to any of those three areas? Have you ever stopped to look at what it is YOU believe in? What you DON’T believe in? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if what you believe to be true, or what you believe in, has an merit in this day and age?

Einstein changed the way we look at the world today. Before him, everyone went along with the status quo … believing that what they had been told or taught in the past was exactly the way things are and will be into the future and for ever. But Einstein came along and new theories were investigated and proven … marking a shift in how science and scientists would view the world, and the problems that previously seemed unanswerable. He believed there was more to discover and uncover. He wasn’t content to just sit back and believe what everyone else believed. He was ridiculed and shunned for being his own person … an independent thinker.

Like Einstein, we each need to uncover and discover what lies within us … the person we truly are. How many people do you know that have continued to worship in the same way their parents did? How many people do you know that have the same political leanings as their parents? How many people do you know that, when faced with a health crisis would consider (or even know about) an alternative that might give them a better chance of survival or regaining their health? How many people do you know walk in this twenty-first century world differently than their ancestors of 100 years ago? How many people do you know that have the motivation to uncover and discover the person that actually lies within?

Science has proven that our thoughts and attitudes have a direct effect on our health and well-being. We know that if we wake up in the morning feeling good with a smile on our face, the day is just a little bit easier. If we wake up in the morning feeling down and blue, we will find ourselves at the end of the day with a few more aches and pains then we had previously or at the start of the day. It is our choice to be upbeat and positive … or depressed and negative.

I heard someone say, ‘She suffers from depression … just like her mother and sister.” SHE doesn’t HAVE to suffer … she learned to suffer. It is a pattern! What is the motivation behind her depression? Or her mother’s or sister’s?

People talk to me about cancer … theirs or someone else’s. Whatever I tell them, someone (usually their doctor) will talk them into being afraid of ‘trying something different’ … whether in conjunction with their current treatments or as their primary treatment. What is the doctor’s motivation for keeping a person strictly on one regimen? What is the motivation behind the person’s unwillingness to try something different? Is it fear? Is it the unknown? Is it the idea of stepping out into an area foreign to what others (today or in the past) have done?



4 thoughts on “Pondering … What you put out, is what you get back …

  1. Were I a church going woman I would shout “Halleluiah and Amen!” If only!! The world could be made whole. Then it would have realized its reason for existing. Take a good look at where we are and where the earth is. Time as we know it is running short.


  2. This is so true. We tell ourselves a “story” that eventually becomes our “reality.” Let us lead others into believing that there is an alternative.. Life is great if you live your true authentic beliefs. Know who you are and live it!


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