February’s Full Bony Moon

Welcome to February’s Little Famine Moon! This month’s full moon has many names relating to the lack of food available. It was during this time of the year … especially in the northern regions of the country, when the people of the various tribes and the animals were running low on their food supplies. If the snows weren’t to deep or the ice not too thick, it was still possible to hunt some game … whether the hunter was person or animal. But during winters like we are having now … the preserved foods are running low and anything fresh is hard to come by! Even our feathered friends have a hard time finding their next meal when everything is buried under the snows.

But this is also the time when people would come together to share their stories, passing along the teachings to the young and old alike. Hearing the same story more than once was no problem … and each time it was told a new message could be found in it, or a new understanding realized.

This has been what seems like a long, hard winter … or maybe I’m just getting old(er)! But it has also brought with it a season of lessons … lessons like patience, understanding, reflection, mindfulness, consideration, and appreciation. When you hear stories of those less fortunate than you, you begin to appreciate and be mindful of all that you have, understanding it could just as easily be your story. You begin to develop patience and hope others will be patient with you and yours when things are not going quite as easily or naturally as they had in the past.

The full moon always presents us with a time to reflect on those elements in our life that are working for us, and those that seem burdensome. It reminds us that we have come to the fullness of this moon cycle and will soon be entering a new cycle of growth.

This month’s full moon also happens to fall on St. Valentine’s Day! I have never spent much time thinking about St. Valentine’s Day or doing anything ‘special’ for it. However, since it falls on a full moon … what a GREAT time to reach the fullness of this moon cycle loving. Spend this full moon cycle loving the changes taking place in the weather, in your life, in your heart, and in your soul. Live from the center of your heart and extend to yourself and all those in your life the gift of loving.

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