February’s Preferences

For months we have been talking about intentions and the movement taking place around us. You have heard about the importance of attitude, and how negativity attracts negativity; while a positive, uplifting attitude attracts the same. Last year carried the theme of transformation … ushering in opportunities for you to let go of old limiting patterns no longer serving you in a good way, and making space for you to move forward in your own growth, evolution and unlimited potential.

For some, this year’s theme of adjustment has come barreling in like an overpowering wave from a tsunami! Even the weather seems to be responding to this theme of adjustment. Nothing will be left undone this year. So while you might want to resist or slow down the momentum of all that is being foisted on you, heed this word of advice … don’t!

February is your month for organizing and aligning your preferences. What is most important to you?

    • Is it emotional stability?
    • Is it financial stability?
    • Is it physical health and balance?
    • Is it your home or work life?
    • Is it the environment?
    • Is it the foods you put in your body?
    • Is it a personal project you feel you must start or complete?
    • Is it a cause you feel deeply about and compelled to be involved in?
    • Is it spiritual or your spiritual connection?

What is standing in your way of making your preferences count?

    • Is it the fear of change?
    • Is it the fear of appearing selfish or self centered?
    • Is it a fear of making a decision that will forever influence your life’s direction and outcome?
    • Are you afraid no one will support you or agree with this new direction?
    • Are you afraid of the ‘work’ it might require of you to make the adjustments?
      • How many times have you wanted something, only to let it go because it seemed overwhelming to accomplish?

Like the never ending weather patterns, February is a month of never ending forces pushing you to let go of …

    • old hurtful and negative emotions,
    • patterns,
    • false identities,
    • beliefs,
    • burdens,
    • judgments,
    • attitudes,
    • relationships,
    • fears,
    • anxieties, and
    • negative thoughts and intentions.

Remember when you were just a child and your mother was trying to put you into a snow suit or swim suit that was a little too small? Remember how she kept bouncing you around while she continued to pull the suit up to your waist? No matter how hard you tried to help or relax into the jostling taking place, it was uncomfortable until the darn thing was finally on and you could go about your business again. Well … welcome to February! And don’t think for a moment that you can hang onto those other things that are no longer serving you! Trying to do that will only create more jostling and disruption. If you want to move a little more smoothly through this month and this year … give them up! Let them go! Open your arms and welcome the changes … whatever they turn out to be for you … for they will surely better serve you as you continue to move forward.

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