January’s Full Wolf Moon

Wednesday night was January’s full moon … the Full Wolf Moon. It is during these cold, harsh nights that you could hear the hungry wolves howling in the night near the villages. Some also referred to this moon as the Old Moon … because movement becomes more difficult when the bones and muscles are cold and you find yourself requiring more layers to keep warm. And … this is the smallest full moon for this year!

Each full moon gives you an opportunity to end whatever cycle you entered a few weeks earlier. It is a time to finish up, let go, and release whatever you no longer want present in your life. This year of 2014 has come in with a burst of strong, formidable energy … the force of a hero or champion! You may find yourself witnessing ‘strong winds’ keeping you in place … making it impossible for you to put one foot in front of other so you can move forward. It may seem as though there is no movement at all! Don’t let this hero’s force keep you from moving in the direction you want to move. It is letting you know that this is the time … before the New Moon … to rid yourself of those things you drug into this New Year. Those things you were supposed to leave behind. It is letting you know there is no turning back. You may not feel as though you are moving forward … but you will definitely not be going backwards! This force will hold you in place until you have finished what you started in 2013. Remember, this is the year of adjustment. The year you adjust to those changes you initiated many, many months ago.

Whether it is an emotional release, mental shift, or physical move … solidify it now, before the next new moon when you look to initiate something new.

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