Sometimes the Universe has a way of punctuating its message to you, and not with a great big exclamation point, but with something that is far more profound and lasting.

I have times when I become very quiet and introspective. I recognize and honor these times when they occur because I always come out of them with new insights, new understanding, and always some new realization or revelation that I might have been missing prior to these times I refer to as ‘going dark’. I call it ‘going dark’ because it is during those times I become very reserved and may even appear removed, distant or distracted. And even though I may feel as though I am floating in a void of total emptiness, I know that I am actually receiving a ‘download’, and whatever is in that ‘download’ will make itself known sooner rather than later.

As I mentioned in a previous post and email (if you are on my mailing list), things at the Cedar Water Healing Lodge (CWHL) are changing. Some things are up in the air, while others are being worked through moment by moment, day by day.  But changes are occurring, and some of the ‘download’ I received recently provided greater insight, causing me to move towards a more rapid implementation of those changes. I was able to see more clearly what needed to happen and why.

Perhaps I didn’t move quickly enough, or perhaps the Universe wanted to make sure I didn’t slow things down or be swayed by outside influences. Whatever the reason, the Universe has made itself known and heard.

Having said all of that, I must inform all of you who care that our beloved Sweat Lodge collapsed under the weight of all the snow we received in recent weeks. To say I am devastated is an understatement. However, I am canceling all Sweat Lodge Ceremonies until we are able to rebuild our Lodge, which I anticipate will take place in May. If by chance we are able to rebuild prior to that, I will certainly post it and follow up with an email.


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