January, 2014

Happy New Year to one and all! And, Happy New Moon! What a powerful way to enter into this year of 2014!!

If we break things down a little, we can see just how powerful this new year is starting out. First, there is the first New Moon of the year … and it happens to be an even more powerful Super New Moon! We normally notice Super Moons during a full moon, but according to NASA, a Super Moon is any time the moon orbits closer than usual to the Earth. We will experience a total of 5 Super Moons this year, with 2 of them this month … starting the year of 2014 off with a big boost!


Secondly, January always draws to an end the previous year and brings the start of a great new year. 2013 was the year of transformation and great change. So many of us walked through 2013 in awe of the many shifts and changes that were taking place in and around us. For many, the changes were swift, vast and undeniable. For others they were long and laborious, leaving some to feel as though they had been dragged through the swamps of muck and mire.

As we look optimistically at the dawning of this great new year, we hold in our hearts the desire and hope for a better world. A world of peace and prosperity. A world where understanding, friendship and inspiration abound. A world where we care and support one another … without judgment, jealousy, and greed. And of course, we look to this year of 2014 to be a fulfilling and rewarding time for each of us personally.

2014 will be known as the year of adjustment. For this will be the year we begin adjusting to all of the changes that have been presented to us. This is not to say that the processes of transformation and change are completed, and that now is the time to simply sit back and adjust to them. No … quite the contrary. The processes of transformation and change are merely coming towards their end. For many they will continue on for at least the first quarter of this year … taking you to the end of March. For most, working through the period of adjustment will create additional changes within other aspects of your life. A ripple effect will ensue as you make the adjustments necessary to fully embrace the transformation and changes presented to you during the year of 2013.

Like any ripple, the effects of it will have its highs and its lows. You may not notice it coming at first, so the initial ‘swell’ may lead you to think, ‘Oh, no. Now what?! More change??’ Allow yourself to be lifted up in the fluid motion of the ripple, so you can see the bigger picture and beyond the benefits that could come from the swell and steady movement forward. Once you have made the adjustments necessary to embrace the subtle changes, allow yourself to settle into the new rhythm and flow of your life … recognizing that other ripples may appear, leading you deeper and deeper into your own peaceful purpose and life.

Some of you have asked me about resisting or ignoring last year’s changes and transformation processes. My only comment is this … you can resist or ignore what is being presented to you, but like ripples against the hardest rock, change will occur. You can choose to flow with it … gliding along the top of the wave; or, you can stand firm, resisting like the great rocks, knowing the undercurrent of the wave to be harsher and less forgiving than the gentle, graceful top of the wave. Like the great rocks, over time the continuous pounding of change will begin to erode your foundation, creating instability and weakness.

So now is the time to be strong and confident in yourself and where life is leading you. This is not the time to fiddle with things or people who no longer serve you, drag you down, or work to keep you ‘in your place’. This is the time to be fully engaged and ready to move forward, embracing all that lies before you … in this year of 2014. This is the time to present to others and to yourself your willingness to rise above the debris of transformation, and to gently and gracefully embrace this year with all its adjustments.



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