December’s Full Long Nights Moon

We are definitely in the grips of long, cold nights! Some of the other names associated with this full moon include the Full Snow Moon (which seems appropriate), and the Full Cold Moon (also quite appropriate!). Back in the day of living in tipis and houses without electricity, families would gather around the fire telling stories, teaching the young ones the meaning behind their traditions, and growing the bond among all those attending the evening fires.

Today we seem to miss out on those times of family bonding, preferring instead to sit in front of a television, computer, ipod, ipad, or some other techno-gadget, separating ourselves, our minds, and our stories from those who may be residing within the confines of our electricity filled houses. But that’s not what this post is about … instead, it is about that heavenly full moon that lights up our nighttime sky with its beauty and grace.

Yes, all of the names of this month’s full moon perfectly fit what we are experiencing weather wise! But this is also the full moon of reflection. This is the time to reflect on all that you have witnessed, experienced and learned this full past year of 2013. This is the time to recognize all that has been presented to you … the good, the bad, and the ugly! This is a time to truly see what lessons have been presented to you, what gifts were given to you, what choices you made along the way, and whether you have taken full responsibility for them or instead have tried to push the responsibility off to someone else.

This is also the time to look forward … in the direction you want your life to move towards, but more importantly, about the way you want your life to unfold over the next 12 months. This year has been about transformation. Look to next year as your year of adjustment … adjusting to the changes that have taken place in this year of 2013.

During these remaining days of December, take the time to reflect. Then, with an open heart and the pureness of spirit, prepare to let go of what you know to be judgment, angst, resentment, envy, jealousy, and bitterness. Let go of those things that bind you to a negative way of thinking, reacting, and being. Binding you to all that holds you back from achieving and experiencing the goodness and sweetness life has to offer you. Release it now, and allow yourself to experience this time of year in your fullest expression of love, gratitude, sharing and caring. Make a difference to those around you … but most importantly, make a difference for yourself and your future.


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