December, 2013

Here we sit at the end of another year. But not just any year … for this has been the year of transformation! Of witnessing the changes taking place in our lives and the lives of those around us! Looking over this past year, what do you see? What changes have taken place in your life?

Before you start looking towards the new year, take a moment and focus on how you want to end this year. Take a moment to review what is working well in your life, and what is not. Are you moving in a direction that feels right to you? Do the people in your life ‘lift you up’ or ‘let you down’? What things in your life are you spending the most time on, and do they continue to suit your needs or support your long range goals? For some of you the focus will be more internal, helping to find and define who you are, and set forth your truth. For others, the focus will be more external, identifying those people, places and things in your life that serve you well, or create burdens and stagnation. Take this time to review the status of your life, how you are feeling about it and the direction it seems to be moving towards. This will give you an idea of where you need to make a few tweaks before moving into the 2014 New Year.

This has been a difficult year … change or transformation can take its toll. For many, the ups and downs of this year have come fast and furious, leaving some to feel thankful the year is about over. But as we move towards the beginning of a brand new year, let’s make sure we are ready for it. Make sure your long range goals, intentions and dreams align with who you are today and all that you have experienced these past months and year.

Take a look at who you have become … and decide what characteristics you want to bring into the new year with you. Are you judgmental, negative, condescending, arrogant, egotistical, argumentative, opinionated, or narcissistic? Does the world and all its inhabitants, events, and circumstances center around you? Are you always right? Do you truly listen to others, or do you only hear what you want to hear?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe your life holds great things in store for you? What do you believe holds you back from attaining those things? Attachments? Attachments to the past? To people? To places? To things? To dreams, old and new?

Is your definition of success or happiness truly your definition, or does it belong to someone else?

This is the final month of 2013 … the year of transformation. This is the time to take another long look at those ideas and ideals of change you set forth so many, many months ago … back in 2012. Based on your experience from this past year, and the truth you have come to know about yourself, tweak whatever goals, dreams and intentions you have set that don’t quite fit you anymore. Align yourself with what you know to be true about who you are and the changes you so deeply and sincerely want to make in your life. Set the fears aside that are holding you captive, and recognize you are your own prisoner. Step outside the darkness of doubt, fear, shame and judgment. Spread your wings of truth, honor, integrity and fearlessness. Allow yourself to soar into the New Year of 2014 … towards your ultimate truth, joy and destiny.


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